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Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District Reviews

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I have truly enjoyed the few teachers who truly love their job and the opportunity to educate others. I would love to see more of those teachers working in the mat-su school district. While I loved the passion of some teachers, I disliked the lack of enthusiasm in others. I have witnessed quite a few teachers become bored or "burnt out" with their job and lose all passion, this makes it very difficult to learn. Also, there is a lack of diversity in this school district. Children/students of color are often an extreme minority and often discriminated against because of it. Staff are unwilling to accept change and lack the empathy needed to truly help this problem.
Students can definitely be better prepared for real-life jobs. Kids have to seek out a lot of information and be very on top of things to be prepared for college and adulthood, and some don't know which resources to turn to, ending up underprepared. School environments and clubs can also be made more positive and involved and the lunch food served at schools could be majorly improved.
My experience with this school district has been excellent. When the November 30th 7.2 earthquake hit Alaska and shut down several services these schools had to offer (or the schools completely), the district banded together to ensure that kids would be taken care of and continued to be educated. The staff are excellent and there are good opportunities given to the students.
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The Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District is where I have been going to school since I first started. From an early age, I have always been in advanced classes, and the MSBSD has done a great job of giving me the opportunity to take classes that weren't necessarily in my grade level, but were classes I was academically ready to take. In high school, they offered me multiple Advanced Placement courses, which also give students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Another thing I enjoy about the MSBSD is that it doesn't let the fact that it is from a small part of Alaska hold it's students back, it tries to give us equal opportunities as students in the other 49 states.
After coming out from the anchorage school district I was greeted with much acceptance and kindness they really made me feel like I was where I belonged I home to see more money for in the sport travel fund though because most of our competitors are a 5 house drive away.
Staff are extremely kind and helpful; their goals are to watch their students succeed. If there is a problem with anything, they always make sure to solve the problem and prevent the same problem from happening in the future. I couldn't have asked for a better school district to grow up and learn in!
Currently, I’m a Highschool student enrolled at Career Tech but am in the ANSEP program. And my review is about that, not the overall picture. Because if it was, the review would be much worst. My experience here in my school is great! ANSEP is almost like a family and you get to learn so much! I’ve already earned about 24 college credits because of the help of ANSEP and I really appreciate it due to my poor family background. And the education is more challenging then if I were to have stayed in a regular Highschool. On average, I have a 3.9 GPA since middle school to my current grade. I’m a determined student and have taken every opportunity that would help my education in the future that is key to my success and am currently trying out for scholoships in order to further my education. Matsu has provided me with many opportunities and more on the way. I love that about it, and that’s how I feel.
I liked the amount of schools that there are and that the borough is willing to change to make schools smaller so students can feel more connected to teachers.
It was good. When I attended school in this district they were always helpful to me if I needed it. They went out of their way to stay in touch with me and help me progress forward in all areas of my life.
The school district is a very safe, well rounded environment for children to grow in. The teachers are always willing to help their students bring out the best in themselves.
I liked that the Matanuska-Susitna Borgough school district encourages children of every grade level to strive for the highest levels of success and much more. The school district does a great job at maintaining safety within schools and are very diligent with eradicating anything that could enhance an individuals ability to be hurt. The school district also provides superb outlets for children to widen their knowledge and get a head start on their college careers like at the Mat-Su Middle College campus.
The Matanuska-Susitna Bourough School District is very conscious of the needs of their students. I would like to see funding for more programs in the bourough to increase. I would also like to see more opportunities for students to participate in community decisions. They school environments are very safe and welcomes leaning however it would be nice to see some updating done to the buildings.
After moving from Austin, Texas to a small town in the middle of nowhere Alaska, I was welcomed with open arms by students and staff. I spent three of my high school years in the Mat-Su school district and then went for the year abroad in Spain. During my application process, my teachers we eager to hear about my acceptance and helped me complete each step of the process. Continuing the year, I was duel enrolled in my school in Alaska and in Spain and my teachers from home were enthusiastic about writing recommendations for me even though I was not physically present at school. They are an amazing group of people who work hard and love their students.
I really love how it feels like home and a community! Everything feels as if it is connected! Sometimes I wish we could have more snow days and that we could have longer summers but I also understand why they re so picky!
I've had quite the experience and I really appreciate all the staff and students. At first the school was rather intimidating with all the academic achievements made there, but over time I came to enjoy and compete with the acedemics. I hope the skills I have received will allow me to succeed in college and in my future career
There is no other district to be apart of the Mat- Su Borough School District was absolutely amazing. Starting with the teacher involvement in a students success, the sports were well diversified and fair. All of the schools host wonderful administration and the facilities themselves are very good.
Its a good school district, wish they were more in touch with the kids. They have good "other" schools such as Career Tech High School or Pathways High School, which have good teachers and programs if a student is looking for more.
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Homeschooling is quite big here and there are a lot of opportunities to help you further your own education. Many public schools are allowing of weather issues and homeschoolers needing further requirements. All in all a good district.
Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District is full of great people and great opportunities for students , parents, and educators alike!
I really like how they have a Student Advisory Board to provide a voice for students, but they could work on curriculums because some don't add up and or don't educate students
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