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I loved my experience in the Massillon City School district. I was gravely involved in the arts and my experiences during my high school education are unforgettable. I grew as an individual thought these programs and clubs.
My experience at the Massillon City School district so far has been simple I have not been bullied and the teachers are nice. The only thing I can change from it is the students' behavior.
I have enjoyed my time in Massillon schools. I am very proud to have been in marching band, choir, show choir, drama club and musicals. It has helped me to become a well rounded person.
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Two of my sons did very well with Massillon City Schools. Teachers were very helpful when I had problems with my oldest and kept me up to date on everything. However, we had some problems with one son who was disabled. The school couldn’t handle him and we had to transfer him to a specialty school.
At the Massillon City school district I've grown very fond of not only the faculty but the school system in general. They do their job very well and students are always the main concern. The city is filled with spirit and theres nowhere I'd rather be or have my family. Everything is filled with school spirit and pride and it's a great city to be a part of. Very highly recommended.
The staff in the district is great, they really care about the students. However what leaves me from the five stars is that the majority of the students do not excel in their education, which is their choice. The teachers provide the help they need, many just refuse or do not care. If you do put your all into learning, you do get a great education, as I have done myself. You have to be the deciding factor on if you want to learn.
The Massillon City School District is one that you'd not forget. The City of Massillon on it's own is a beautiful thing. The academics were great, they prepared me for college and most importantly it was a fun place to be at. The teachers were very involved with the students helping anyone who needed it with any problems they had. It was taken very serious to have all the students prepared for life itself and giving them many things to remember for when after they graduate. Something taken seriously there besides academics and safety was sports. Whether you were in middle school or high school it was a very competitive and very fun thing to be apart of. Massillon was apart of one of the greatest high school football rivalries in America and what went on in the city itself during that time was an unforgettable experience. The Massillon City School District experience is something I will never forget and I will hopefully have my children one day be apart of.
My entire family has attended school in this school district and it has only gotten better over the years. The academics have improved greatly with such a diverse curriculum. The teachers for the AP classes are really involved and experienced. They go above and beyond to help the students. The marketing program headed up by C.B Richards is truly a wonderful program. The athletics offered in this school district goes far beyond other districts and there is something for everyone.
Our teachers show a supportive team effort to ensure student success. Each teacher goes out of their way, in my personal experience, to make learning a priority and to see no student is left behind. Our administration is a caring team that seems to provide teacher support as well as student/parent support.
The high school has allowed for plenty of choices when it comes to academics, sports, and other extracurricular activities. The staff and administration truly care about their students as well as their safety. With everything that has recently gone on in the world, Massillon City school district has done their best to reach out their students and the community.
I liked that some of the teachers really cared about whether or not a student succeeds, however the education is not the best and certain teachers couldn't care at all about students.
It is horrible the schools lunch taste like socks.The teachers don't really teach and the class are bad.Most of are teachers are really racist
The Massillon City School district is very involved in only one part of the schools which is football. Most of the time there is nothing going on at the school because it doesn't involve football. It's the only thing that everyone in the community gets involved with and that the school district seems to care for. Not only that but three out of the four years that I've gone to Massillon's high school their dean of students was a football coach so all of the football players could do whatever that wanted in school and get away with it.
I love Massillon, the school has something you can't get anywhere else. The whole city supports the schools more than anything. The teachers try to help you as best as they can. They've stayed after hours to help me make up my work or help me understand. Massillon isn't just another school district it's the whole city. The school would do anything to protect us and teach us. Not a lot of people like Massillons school districts, but it has changed mine.
I like that the Massillon City Schools offer college courses to earn college credit, this helps prepare students to know exactly what college will be like. I have taken college credit classes since my junior year, and by doing so it will really help me when I go to college because it is teaching me time management and responsibility. I would like to see them add more family orientated activities to help make us a stronger community and establish relationships with one another.
I am a past graduate of Massillon, and my kids have gone there for the past 8 years. Very caring teachers, staff, and administrators. I couldn't have asked for more.
I love everything about massillon. The teachers are so amazing. There is nothing i won't change about it.
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The teachers in the Massillon City School District are very very motivated and personable. They always care about their students and are willing to go the extra mile. One thing I would change about MCSD is the ability to offer classes based on real world issues, like how to pay bills, how to write a check, how to pay a mortgage, etc.
My experience at Massillon City School Districts has been very well. Throughout my time here, I have met a very good group of friends that have stuck with me since middle school. Many of the activities here are very successful so you always feel proud to be apart of them. The school spirit and tradition of the school makes you feel more connected as a school and it always a good feeling to feel apart of something such as Massillon.
Most teachers care very much about the students. My most influential teacher thus far has to be Mr.Kilgore. All AP teachers have prepared me well so far for the AP test. They truly want us to do well. The only negative is the school lunches, and some students. The lunch is good ocassionaly, but they offer sub's, just in case someone doesn't like what is on the menu. I've heard that they are very good! In regards to the students, most behave, but there are a few groups of people who do not care about school and they are not disciplined. The school has rules, but they need to crack down on it just a little bit more than they do now.
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