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Massena Central High is not the greatest school, the best thing about the school would have to be athletics. Last year we had a total of 25 fights throughout the school year. My overall experience at this school is not the best, you get bullied if you aren't popular or if you don't play a sport. The teachers could care less about our education, they basically makes us do everything on our own. The administration is so dependent on learning on a computer but won't let us use our phones. Not always a bad thing.
Great school to attend, many great clubs and activities for students. possibility for all students who have other learning abilities
I enjoy Massena Central School mostly because of the student involvement. It is extremely easy to communicate being a smaller school. Yet there is many leadership roles taken by the upperclassmen in assisting the underclassmen in attempting to give them the best high school experience.
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Very friendly staff and administration however I feel the guidance office is lacking. Preparing for college is very serious and to be honest it feels like the guidance office does very little to help.
what I liked about my past four years attending massena central high school was the teachers and the sports. The teachers, especially the art department alway encouraged me to better my skills and believed in my abilities. My coaches at massena also believed in me bettering my skills.
I transferred into this school in the middle of my Sophomore year after being bullied to the point of being physically assaulted on camera and having the authoritative figures at that school do nothing. I can honestly say these past few years at Massena have been the best ones of my life so far. I'm not entirely sure if that is just due to what I experienced prior, but I absolutely love the bully-free, kind environment.
The teachers at Massena Central School have a personal interest in their student's lives. They are dedicated to creating knowledgeable students that have the ability to lead productive lives.
Massena Central School has the International Bacclaureate Diploma Program and it has expanded my potential and I feel like I am part of the community. There aren't any other schools close to us that have it. Also the athletic programs are excellent.
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