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Massac Unit School District No. 1 Reviews

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I love my school! They are caring and compassionate and really try to work hard to help students succeed.
From grade school through high school, I attended schools in the district. Being a poor, rural district I feel I didn’t have the opportunities and better education that other schools in the state had. In fact, I know this. I went to college twice and dropped out due to not being prepared. I was really behind my peers and couldn’t keep up. It’s a shame because I know I’m great and can do great but a high school education and experience is supposed to prepare you for essentially that critical college freshman year but this school district failed me. I was a good student, I tried really hard in school and got really good grades but in other districts my 3.8 GPA is actually a 2.8- 3.0 GPA.
Overall, Massac Unit 1 Schools have been a positive experience for my children. Teachers are very professional and willing to work out any issues promoting a positive learning atmosphere. Safety is probably my main concern as a parent. I've always wanted to see metal detectors at the schools. I have to go through a metal detector at work every day to ensure the safety of employees. This would ease the minds of parents when sending their kids to school every day.
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I'm currently a senior at Massac County High School. I have lived in this district all of my life. The things I like about are the people and staff there, if you ever need help they are more than willing to help. The thing I don't like about Massac is the lack of activities we get to participate in.
I like coming to Massac because they have prepared me for the direction that I want to be heading after i graduate. If I had an issue with one of my classes (grade wise), the teachers helped me the best they could. Although i wish there were more things being done about bullying.
What I liked about Massac was that it wasn't too big and it wasn't too small. Mostly everyone knew who you were and so it made it feel more like a family. What I didn't like about Massac was the the way the schedules are set up. When you're a senior you have to take classes that don't really matter later on and you could be using that time to be doing something like scholarships or homework you have in a mandatory class. They should have black scheduling.
My personal school experience in the Massac Unit School Distict has been nothing short of amazing. SinceI have been apart of this school district my whole life, I have seen the growth in school academics, school pride, and college readiness.
For the most part i enjoyed going their. Some teachers don't know how to help students like me and that is a reason a struggled a lot . But, they're were so awesome teachers who made sure I was staying track and that I was getting what I needed to done. The thing I would like to see chance is more teachers need to be involved more with their students and get to know them personal so they can help each student in their own way.
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