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The mason district schools are the best for education, and sports i loved it there and i am glad i went to those schools
Great school system. Caring teachers. Great robotics program. English curriculum needs improvement. Education grant just passed, within a few years benefits will be seen.
I don’t hate Mason Public Schools because I love a lot of my teachers and I have made a lot of lifetime friends here, but I’m very happy to graduate and leave. I am a very open minded person that believes that everyone deserves respect and equality, and that is not what most people at Mason believe. We have a very high population of racist and misogynistic people. It is very common to walk down the hallway and see confederate flags worn by many students on a daily basis, there are also racist slurs heard daily, and nothing is done about this. Most people support Trump with all of their heart and only care about the straight white population. I’m ready to move on in life and go to a place where acceptance is more of a priority. I hope some day, Mason will change.
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After switching from a different district to Mason High school, I fell in love with the atmosphere. The teachers were always helping students and there was so many resources available out of school hours that their should be no excuse for not getting extra help. The only thing I believe Mason High School could encourage more is diversity. The student body is mostly one color and in ways it is easy to feel stuck out if you are not a part of that race.
I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of Mason Public Schools, and I appreciate how helpful and kind all of my teachers were to me growing up, and how motivated they were to see me excell as a student.
The staff at the high school are nice. The staff and faculty at Wilson Talent Center are beyond wonderful!
I like how our classes are organized into trimesters, it really opens up the door for early graduation and keeping the schedule changing.
It is a very good school and there is a lot of involvement with the community. The diversity has always been low but over the years it has been growing.
From elementary schools and the middle school, there are big differences and changes. I am not sure if they have made changes in their teaching in the elementary schools. The change from going to middle school was not as difficult as others since I had a teacher that I had stayed with the entire day. Going into high school, there was some difference that I have noticed, the teachers here seem to care more in their students doing well and giving all the help they need. Seemed to care more about there jobs and actual teaching.
Overall, I’ve had a wonderful 5-6 years in the Mason Public Schools. Staff at the high school is absolutely great, teachers are willing to help when needed. Only downside is that the school district doesn’t do the best job with preparing kids for college. We definitely do not get the same opportunities or are guided well enough to pursue our “reach” schools. Nonetheless, the community comes together at times like football season and unfortunately, the passing away of students.
The teachers care about their students. The school is small enough where you know who everyone in your grade is but you still may not know them as a person. Parents show up to events of all kinds to support their students and their children's friends.
Mason is a very close community. Being a close community, the teachers, students, and environment it has shaped me the be the person I am today. The people I’ve been around has helped me become a leader in my community. The schooling at Mason has nurtured me to become a well rounded student and prepared me for the next level of education.
Mason is a wonderful town. The Middle school, andHigh school are located in the perfect area. The town always has wonderful events for each season, and it is all located in the little downtown square.
My Experience with Mason High School has been great so far. I've been here almost 3 1/2 years now and I wouldn't change it. The school could use some updating as far as the building goes but the people in it are great. The teachers and staff are all encouraging and uplifting.
I really like the schools in Mason. The teachers are really great with the children. They work with their strengths as well as with their weaknesses. I'm glad my children go to Mason schools.
I enjoy the students and teachers of Mason High School the most. However, serious issues with college readiness, academics, and resources do exist throughout the school.
I feel my experience at Mason public school was a great experience! I was concerned about coming to a new school district when we moved from Lansing schools in 5 th grade. I made some really great friends and the teachers were excellent! The only down fall to moving after grade school age was that sports teams had been together since grade school. So in a smaller community it was hard to try to get into sports when it appeared that most coaches already had their minds made up as to who will play what position. However my overall experience in the Mason public school district was great I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for that closeness of the community the closeness of the students and the student involvement .
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Small town school with big heart and big pride ! Mason is home of the Bulldogs . Our athletic department , and arts program are just small pieces to what we offer . If you are looking for a school that tou canntake pride in Mason high is where tou should be .
I've had a great experience going to Mason. The teachers here or pretty understanding. I can do many things here join the play or a team and be excepted. Their is not a lot of bullying here. You can go to the Career center a place to further your education. Senior year the council are very good with helping with college.
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