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Mason County Public Schools provide excellent ways for kids young and older to learn. With the high school being a Chromebook 1 to 1 school, meaning every student is equipped with their own laptop, the school has taken learning with technology to a new level. In the younger schools, teachers use smart boards and other resources to help kids understand how technology can change the way we learn.
i moved here in 8th grade and didnt know what to think. i was really nervous. but the school staff made me feel comfortable. and i made a lot of new Friends
Mason county provides a wonderful environment for their students. they have recently build all new STEAM resources available to all students allowing them to express their interest in subjects like engineering, biomedical science and agriculture. They always try their best to ensure students are prepared for whatever may come their way in college or life. The new techniques and technology they are providing to students is amazing and thoughtful.
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High school was a great experience, some teachers were unwilling to helo you and some faculty members would tell you to not even try to go for your dreams
Like most schools in America, Mason County is geared towards raising children to "become leaders" in the future. Staff is 50/50, with some teachers treating you like an individual, and others leaving you wondering why they took the job in the first place. As much as they are technology centered, many of their other resources are outdated, and leave teachers to rely on the one piece of technology everyone has. Overall, I'd say that this district doesn't offer any exclusive experiences to students, and people are just there for the credit.
Mason Co. Schools have very good teachers and offer high level rigorous classes in all grades. It offers a variety of clubs, sports, and cultural activities as well. I have received a high quality education and feel that I am prepared for college.
I like that I was able to take college classes at MCTC while enrolled as a high school student, I would like for the people of mason county to implement change by setting better standards for their children and students and encouraging them to do well.
I love my school system because of the experiences I have found because of it, but overall the education leaves something to be desired.
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