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Mason County Eastern Schools Reviews

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It is a smaller community public school. The teachers are very involved in teaching their students. It is a close knit community. Like every school, there is room for improvement, that is why I didn't give it 5 stars.
Mason County Eastern was a well rounded school; however, it is in a small community so many people return as coaches or their kids will go to this school, and it can cause some very stressful and unnecessary drama. Besides that, the school offers a friendly environment and many opportunities.
Mason County Eastern High School is a great school, it offers a diverse selection of classes to study and has an amazing array of well educated teachers.
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Mason County Eastern is a very small close knit school. The teachers are all very friendly and will do anything to help you. There is no favoritism among teachers and students. The English department of our school is the strongest in my opinion, but science and math are close seconds as well. The teachers here will not leave anyone behind if someone doesn't understand the current material.My class especially has been a very close class. We all get along like we are brothers and sisters and for the most part we are one big happy family. Now I'm not saying that it's all sunny and 75 here, we do have our bad days. For the most part though I would say that the majority of the days are good. Sports although we don't have any crazy athletic teams are taken seriously, but we all have a great time and we have started to bond with not only ourselves, but other schools in our conference through sports.
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