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Mason County Central Schools Reviews

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Sports, particularly football, is lacking. Very good band and music programs. Helpful teachers for those who want to learn.
It's just a school. I don't see much special or terrible about it. The administration needs a lot of work, they mess with schedules in annoying ways all the time, but the food and teachers are decent.
It was easy. There wasn't a lot of sports or extra curricular activities to chose from. There weren't any extra classes you could take either beside gym class. There was also a lot of drug use at the school.
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The school is very dirty, some teachers are racist, we solve all problems with the cops, We can't play with fidget spinners but our principal can.
Mason County Central was a wonderful school to grow up attending. The education I received there was very personally attentive to my needs and is very valuable to me today as a college graduate! I am very thankful for the educators that I was blessed to work with there. Although the small class of students did not allow a very vast assortment of classes/subjects of study, the curriculum still allowed us to grow and learn in many different directions. I commend MCC for giving us such a wonderful education in such a small town with such a small school. Also, the athletics available are great for students.
I loved growing up in Scottville and attending MCC HS because of its close-knit student body and school pride.
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