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This school is competitive in an inordinate amount which creates an unnecessary toxicity among the students. The school district pressures senior to college which in my opinion is de trop. The school has high standards for its students and expects them to get Excelled scores yet don’t always espouse the idea that we are all different it utilizes it to make others think the school is entirely diverse and everyone gets along, this fact isn’t true it is quite a vexation.
Mason is a great school. It is very big but you feel like it isn't, especially in younger grades. The teachers are committed to teaching you and help you when you need it.
Too big!
Kids get over looked!
If your kids isn't valedictorian( which they did away with anyway) or a pro athlete they wont matter.
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I grew up in Mason and academically speaking, it is wonderful. However, my experience as a minority was atrocious. I felt consistently discriminated against as a black woman and I felt there was little attempt to embrace my culture or listen when I brought up issues specific to my demographic. I did love the language program, however.
This school district is very challenging and pushes students to excel. It is very competitive, which is one thing I would change about it as it pushes many students to be over-stressed about grades.
Mason is super competitive in both sports and academics. There are many options of classes and there are multiple AP classes to choose from.
I was able to really shape myself and who I wanted to be while at Mason City Schools. There are so many clubs as well as opportunities for the students to meet people from all kinds of backgrounds, ethnicities, and walks of life. I became a well-rounded individual having gone through the Mason School district.
In being such a large district, we get a lot more opportunities that smaller schools may not get. We have lifeguard classes and photography classes. We have a class that teaches you how to live on your own and a class that teaches you about real world issues going on today. Being a part of Mason High School has been a privilege in getting to do so much more than what you would normally expect from a high school.
It’s too big and too competitive.
You have to be a pro athlete or Ivy League student to even compare.
Teachers are good but I just feel some improvements need to be made
While Mason is a very large school district, there are many opportunities to make it feel smaller and pave your own path and make you high school experience your own
The teachers are very accommodating. The are always available for help after school. The sports teams are very welcoming. The coaches know how to make you better athletes.
The Mason City School District is very well funded and a great place to learn about many different academic realms. The worst part is that I wasn't socially accepted at all while I was there which lead to me having a very poor view of the place.
My kids have benefitted from the amazing academics, dedicated teaching staff, and variety of top notch extra curricular opportunities.
I love Mason. For such a large school, they are making great efforts to ensure that every student gets the attention they need. The classes are challenging but not impossible, the staff and students are very open and positive, and it is a great place to experience many kinds of people and situations. There are many opportunities with classes that are very interactive such as the school paper, bank, and yearbook. There are many extracurriculars with an activity for every interest.
The school district is very welcoming. The teachers and faculty are very helpful and never let you down. They keep your expectations high!
Due to the large class sizes, there was little chance for connection between teachers and students. The college preparatory classes did little to actually prepare students for college, though the honors and AP classes made me feel extremely prepared for my college courses.
It has helped immensely with preparations for college workload however the competitiveness led to many late night and high stress levels.
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Based on my experience, Mason City School District does a great job involving students with school activities and engaging students to become better role models for younger children that will soon enter in middle school and high school! Students feel accepted into Mason by not only the students here at Mason but also their staff and teachers that puts their efforts to students to successed in their college education and throughout lifetime!
Academic-oriented environment, where some are very high achieving and motivated and some just not. Largest public school in Ohio, much diversity compared to other local schools, lots of opportunities but it can be easy to get lost in so many resources, people, and the building. Countless clubs and organizations and very convenient or easy compared to other schools to find people of your similar interest. Since there are so many people there is at least one that you share a similar interest with. People are friendly, generally a nice environment where lots of focus goes into academics but usually the trend is student well being nowadays.
Learned a lot about life and other important skills for college. Great at preparing students for their future wherever that might be. Most of the graduates tend to go to great schools such as OSU and UC. Decently competitive and also very friendly school environment.
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