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I like all the different choices of courses that I have. Something that I would like to see change is teachers and staff being more aware of the behind the scenes bullying and meaness that goes on with students, teachers, and coaches. Teachers and coaches are supposed to be there for support and encouragement, not to make things harder for you.
Over all I loved the school district. They were very understanding and wanted the students to succeed and get what they needed out of the classes they were taking. The teachers would go above and beyond there duties to help students pass. As a student passed on to another grade level, the grade before helped prepare them and get them ready for the next one.
I enjoyed the classes that were available and how passionate the staff was about their respective classes.
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Good school but they don’t really seem to care. They’re more worried about the little things than what they really should be worrying about. Racist students, rude.
I thought that the Mason City Community School District provided pretty solid education, had friendly teachers, and many great students!
I believe that the bullying policies could be better enforced. Otherwise, I think this school has great staff, good education, and fair opportunity for student success.
MCHS is an average school. The teachers are okay, but sometimes lack a want to actually teach the material. The sports program is below average with coaches who do not care about players.
My experience was mediocre. While I enjoyed participating in spanish, drama, speech team, and choir, the classes I took and the people I interacted with weren't the best. The majority of the teachers could care less - apart from the arts department and language classes, they cared - and they more or less just threw a lesson plan in your face and expected you to learn it by yourself. Now, there were definitely some teachers who cared, but I'm expressing about the majority. Your peers also weren't the best either, especially if they were involved with strictly sports. Sportsmanship is not relevant at MCHS. We are too focused on our pride and selfish rather than supportive and considerate towards others.
Too much favoritism and not enough one-on-one time with students who need it. The teacher involvement could be reviewed and refined. The variety of sports offered is great, lots of school pride and spirit, and the music program is definitely one to appreciate. These high school students involved in the choir work on college level stuff and deserve recognition. The Speech/Drama department deserves more recognition, however. Because it also plays a big role in kids' lives who don't necessarily like to sing or play sports or do academic decathlons. It's another way to express themselves. All clubs and such deserve equal recognition amongst the school.
It's a great school system that provides wonderful education to all students. Although we don't have enough money in the district, we are able to successfully come together as a community to raise any needed money for supplies, providing adequate learning opportunities.
Mason City High School was a great place to graduate from! I really enjoyed all the teachers I had. They really wanted to make sure you knew the material before moving onto the next subject. They knew what was more difficult for students to learn and taught it in many different ways!
I did not enjoy Mason City High school. But I did enjoy the alternative school. because of what the teachers were able to do for me there I graduated 6 months early, and the first of my class. I will always be grateful for the teachers that got me on the right track and motivated me to do better.
I was involved in band and the art program there. Band is happily supported and the town is proud of the band that was the inspiration for Meredith Wilson's The Music Man. The art program has an amazing teacher who helps support the department when funds get low for art and art club.
The school district is average. The music and arts programs are funded decently, boosting my review, however they don't do much to prevent bullying.
I liked the classes that were available. The teachers were great. You can tell the factually really cares about their students and seeing them succeed. Attenedence policy needs to be addressed. Other then that all around great school.
Mason City Schools has many great teachers who are dedicated to help students not only become academically successful, but to prepare students for the world ahead. Mason City develops strong academics as well as critical thinking and 21st century skills.
Most of the teachers really care about the students and are willing to give extra time and effort to help students succeed. Class sizes are often very large.
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The Mason City Community School District was a great school system to grow up in. All of the administration strives to make the most sound environment for great learning opportunities. Almost all of the faculty that I've been associated with over my years here have impacted me in a very positive way and has helped me progress academically. I would not be where I am today without the help of some great teachers.
Great teachers and friendly environment. The technology is up to date and available to help students. Teachers are experienced and know how to run a class.
I enjoyed being part of Mason City schools for the most part as the teachers were always friendly. I participated in cross country and track, both being a lot of fun. Although I enjoyed it I felt as if Mason City Schools were falling behind on academics. We weren't learning at a very fast pace and we were taking classes as juniors when we should have been as eighth graders.
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