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Mascoutah Community Unit School District No. 19 Reviews

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I am a Senior at Mascoutah High School. I have been here for 5 in a half years and moved here in the middle of 8th grade. I really like my school because they have really good spirit. We are all one big happy family. We have really good test scores. We support each other with games and have good sportsmanship!
I loved the sports and the environment I felt safe. However the cafeteria could use some equipment. Such as new microwaves.
My experience at Mascoutah has been very positive overall. There are a variety of classes, clubs, and extracurriculars to choose from. I would prefer more choice with classes focused on art of all forms, but the environment, staff, and my peers all contributed to a good experience and a comprehensive education.
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Mascoutah is a great school for military children or anyone. No matter what you will have something to do here. There are so many clubs and activities it is difficult to not want to be in one. Overall this is a great place to be.
I like that this high school lets every student feel and be themselves. Each student can participate in a club or sport of their liking. Especially, homecoming week, it is the best time at this high school, everyone participates in the dress up days and activities. And have tons of fun! I would like to see the lunches getting better however.
I have lived in the Mascoutah School district my entire life. I'm very thankful for the opportunities the school has provided me over the years. Being very close to Scott Air-force Base has altered my education and views of the world in a positive light. The atmosphere is amazing and I'm proud to come from such a great community.
Mascoutah is a very good school for the area but lacks certain knowledge and tact on issues of diversity. It is always improving as new students come, but theres still a lot to improve on. Educationally, there are many opportunities for students to explore and be challenged if they ask the right questions.
Mascoutah school district provides students with a great sense of school pride, academics, and want to learn, which continues to show how great of a school it is.
Mascoutah's school district has great teachers and staff as well as great opportunities for their students and the surrounding community to get involved, whether it be going to see a basketball game or the school musical.
I love Mascoutah schools so much because everybody wants to see the students succeed. All of the teachers and staff want to help the students in every way they possibly can. The teachers do whatever it takes to see their students succeed. Even the administrative board come to almost all of the high school sporting events and they know the students by name.

The only thing that needs to be changed is they need to add is the automatic water bottle fillers. The high school is very new and everything is really nice. This is the only thing it is missing.
The teacher's were very nice. However, I went to Scott Elementary School which made me feel disconnected from my peers when joining them in middle school. The community of students was also not very when I came out in middle school, I was bullied for the rest of my middle school experience. The teachers who talked to me about it and let me work through everything I was going through truly made a difference in my life. They were very willingly to listen and create a welcoming space.
I moved to Mascoutah the middle of my Sophomore year and I have loved it since the moment I stepped onto the campus of my school. The faculty, staff, students, and community members have made it their goal to positively influence their children and those around them, to strive for success, and to lead others into a bright future.
I have gone to Mascoutah my whole school career and loved it. The academics are really good and the students are always involved. The schools are all clean and the i have felt extraordinarily safe at all times. There is also a wide range of sports teams that have good coaches surrounding them elevating the teams. Some things i do not like and would like to see a change in as a student are the lunches are sort of sub par and there is a huge focus coming from the school on the football team. Our team is not very good but the school continuously puts money into the team and no where else in other sports or the school.
The school is a really great place to interact with other students and there are many resources to help students when they need it.
My teachers are really helpful. My peers are understanding of the military community I come from. As a person with special needs, I feel accepted by teachers, staff, and other students.
TBH I don't really like this school. Like its great academic wise but everything else wise it's pretty trash. Sports? Trash minus track and basketball but that's due to the overwhelming diversity on those teams. The rules honestly are just a tad bit excessive but I can't come up with better ones so that's all I'm gonna say on that yadig?
The Mascoutah area is a very close and neighborly town. It is a military town and receives many new students so Mascoutah is very diverse. The students as a whole are very respectful of other peers and staff members. The staff members are undoubtedly understanding and awesome.
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Overall, the environment at Mascoutah is great! Students are guaranteed a feeling of welcome, as the slogan of the school is: "one team, one tribe, one family." The administration, as a student, does very well in listening to their voices of their students and incorporating their ideas.
I have been in this school district since I started school. It is amazing. The teachers are great, the education is great.
I liked the teachers and the new high school was very nice. I felt the teachers were always willing to help out each student personally and did not want their students to fail. The new high school is very nice and everything is very roomy .
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