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The opportunities exist at Masco to get the prestigious education many colleges value. I would argue that the lack of racial and ethnic diversity does put students within a bubble. I wish more diversity initiatives were taken to make minorities feel valued for both the minority students but also the white students.
Couldn’t have asked for a better school to prepare me academically for college. They hold your hand through the process of applying and make sure you’ve carefully evaluated your options. Sports are great but very cliquey.
When I was a student at Masco none of my teachers cared about me or my disabilities. One of the worst high schools for special education
- former student
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Masco has really nice infrastructure and some awesome teachers. While most of the kids are very snobby or self centered, there are enough chill people to have some close friends and whatnot. Some teachers are terrible, but only a select few, the rest are at least either nice people or good teachers. The food is pretty good, a lot of variety but not anything to write home about. The four star rating is mainly because of the extracurricular and sports at masco, so that’s cool.
Very clean environment. No crime and the teachers were amazing. Could say our education and grades are very high for a public school.
Masconomet is a great school. Overall I had a good experience. The enjoyed the football and baseball programs.
Great teachers that will help you with anything and are superhelpful after school, good food selection way better than elementary, great and very accepting band, amazing art classes that havr taught me so much, ok staff overall. Wish there was air conditioning.
I liked that the Masconomet Public Schools were the community involvement. However, the teachers were inconsistent. Some teachers were great and genuinely cared about the student. Some teachers just didn't seem to care.
I did not like the school is located in an affluent community so there were many spoiled rich kids and there was no diversity.
Masco has a strong emphasis on getting ready for life overall and college in particular. It focuses a rigorous course load with a high amount of scholastic effort, including a load of homework to engender good study habits and prepare for the rigors of a demanding study regimen at college. The counselors are hard working and very good at guiding and most of the teachers are well focused and fair. A few exceptions apply however, so it is important to look ahead. Not many schools offer Chinese and I have studied for the last six year including the middle school which is attached. Overall a very strong experience
The Masco schools are academically excellent, with teachers who are passionate about their subject areas, connected to their students and encouraging of community service, involvement and collaboration! We are blessed!!
About as good experience as I could have hoped for my daughter....she really loved almost all her teachers and I feel she is prepared for high school. My son was more of an average student who I think was not pushed enough but overall very good experience.
I have been going to Masco since 7th grade the teachers and staff are very supportive. My parents offered for me to go to a prep school but declined because I was happy were I was
I think the most important thing that needs to change at Masconomet is the shift from education for grades to education for learning. I think this would help more students have motivation, especially if the educational shift in emphasis began during middle school. However, I think this is a problem with our public education system in general as compared to Masconomet specifically. I was still very well-prepared for college.
Masconomet was a good school with great teachers. One aspect of the school that I did not like is that many students are able to fly under the radar there. Teachers care about their students but not enough to reach out to their students and demand their full effort.
Masco is known as the best school in the region for a reason. Students are generally well prepared and given individual attention. Electives are innovative and give students a chance to explore their interests (though more blocks should be available for electives). The scheduling of the day is very strange, but generally students are encouraged to be an active participant in the classroom. My time at masco was enjoyable, though not unforgettable.
I had a great experience at Masco. The teachers and academics are great. The sports and extra curricular could be a lot better though. The faculty doesn't seem to trust the students even though they should. It seems that they do more to please themselves and parents than the students.
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