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Mascenic Regional School District Reviews

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Mascenic has some wonderful teachers. Others not so much. The academics are too easy and do not prepare you for college.
Many of the teachers can keep students well engaged in class, and offer many interesting courses! Admin need a little help with there rules and following through on things
Mascenic is a small school, and i’ve learned a lot in certain classes. It feels like the administration cares a lot more about the students who either break the rules or are excellent students. The good kids who are just normal, don’t get any recognition. I’ve met a few excellent teachers who usually end up leaving because of the pay. Overall I wouldn’t mind transferring to a better school.
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Mascenic’s mentality is majorly influenced by its financial limitations. Many staple public schooling qualities such as pep, pride, and motivation are affected by the weight of a lack of money to go towards academics and extracurricular activities. The athetlics are below average and school morale is extremely low, that being said, some certain grades are a bit more involved than others and work with what they’re given. Overall, the safety and neutral qualities of the school that you don’t find in a lot of public schools can make
up for the lack of pride and budget, but constantly cutting clubs (such as vital programs like Special Olympics!) are certainly not ideal for a place parents would want their children to be a part of.
Mascenic, had its ups and downs, but throught it all if you as a student have any sort of work ethic you’re provided with a quality education prepared for college. Although its a very small school they do the best in providing a great education with great community behind it.
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