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I moved to Maryville my freshman year of high school. It was very different than my old school. There were many more opportunities and much more academic rigor. Overall, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend Maryville. I have been pushed academically and socially. I believe my experience has helped prepare me for college very well.
Maryville City Schools have excellent academic resources as well as excellent sports resources. The teachers and coaches drive students to succeed in all aspects of their school life as well as their personal lives. However, Maryville City Schools' resources go far past academics and sports. Clubs, activities, safety, facilities, administration, and teachers are all resources for students. There are many opportunities for students through Maryville City Schools. However, one major aspect i would change about Maryville's school system would be the diversity of the teachers and students. Most of the teachers that work in the school system are Caucasian, which makes some students feel out numbered. Students and teachers of different races are not as common as the Caucasian students and teachers. I personally feel out numbered in school because I was a student of a different race, so i would increase the school diversity to help students and teachers feel more comfortable.
I LOVE Maryville City Schools! There is a very friendly atmosphere here. Teachers and staff are very understanding and encouraging. They want you to succeed and will provide their best efforts to help you do just that!
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Maryville City Schools truly go above and beyond for their students and staff. They go the extra mile in preparing students for college and for life. I am a student who has been in the Maryville school system since kindergarten and I have always felt prepared for the work ahead of me. Furthermore, talking to upperclassmen that are now in college always praise Maryville City Schools for preparing them.
I've gone to Maryville High school for all four years of high school. I loved the football games and all the activities and sports we had to choose from to attend. However, Maryville as a school system does not deal with the problems happening in their own halls.
It was a shock to transfer into this school district my sophomore year because of the higher standards they hold you to. However, I have no doubt that I will now be prepared for college because of what Maryville City Schools have taught me about academic success. The high school offers classes such as Senior Transition and College Success to help prepare students for their future.
My experience at Maryville High School was one that shaped my character for the better. I was pushed to achieve more and do my best academically. As a highschool senior, I feel prepared and ready for college. I have received help from classes and guidance with college and scholarship applications. Maryville High Schools makes students feel valued and gives it's students regardless of academic success so many opportunities to exceed after highschool.
I am moving here, and I have read the Handbook, and even put together a .zip file and it has a program called iReach that gives 4th-12th graders some technology, the 4th graders get iPads and the rest get Computers. It is a really good school!
Great location and every one is school spirited which I think is very important to a school. Easy pick up for parents. Teachers are great and make impacts on students lives. The sports are great and the teams are very successful. Facilities are A-1 and I wish that I had attended high school here.
I enjoyed the amount of challenging classes a student could take if they wished to. However, the guidance office does push students to take it to easy sometimes, and they are not always punctual with their work. The culture at this school is very football oriented. If you are a football player struggling in a class, your grade will magically rise once your coach talks to one of your teachers.
Growing up in this school system, I have never been on lockdown, threatened, felt unprotected, or in danger. This school has an environment in which we take things seriously. I go to a huge highschool with very high expectations and the staff hold us accountable. In the future, I would love for my kids to be apart of this school system because I know that the staff will continue to help their students achieve greatness
Maryville High School is a school that is very advanced academically compared to other public high schools. There is a vast amount of clubs and sports to get involved with; there is something for almost everyone here.
I love the rigor of the academics. However, admin is not quite respectful or attentive to students needs.
My experience with all the years leading up to my high school years was great! However, I feel that once I started high school, they pushed a little too hard to take AP classes and centered its focus on taking difficult academic classes. I would have had a much better experience if they had instead encouraged students to take courses that best suited their interest level/abilities. There needs to be a strong emphasis on students’ mental health across the board of all high schools in my opinion. Maryville has certainly prepared me for college academically, but I feel as if they could have done so without inducing such stress and anxiety.
Maryville is a high quality public school, and it rivals any other private institution in academics and athletics. Not only does the administration provide the the school's information via the school's website for all to see, but also encourages parent participation in every students' learning experience. Technology in the form of laptops and apple products have been incorporated to enhance learning while using the available online resources.
Maryville City Schools have dedicated teachers that are interested in helping their students succeed. This school system also has technology available to the students, such as personal laptops and ipads.
I have really enjoyed my time in the Maryville school system. The only improvement I would like to see is better communication about club activities and meetings.
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I really enjoy the staff at MCS as well as the excellent academics. I have had a great experience going through the system.
Maryville City Schools are very spirited and helpful. They are very community oriented and come together like a big family to help others in different events and to be apart of the surrounding community.
Great community support. Wonderful and helpful guidance staff. Great teachers and administrators. Great sport clubs and non sport clubs
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