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Go to Getchell High school. It's a great place, although recently with the changes going on it has been quite difficult to fit in.
I would say that the Marysville School District is not one that I could count on getting the best education at. There have been many stories about students having difficulties understanding a teacher or stories about their teacher not explaining the work and more so just handing it to them for them to figure it out. I do believe though that there are great teachers throughout the district that do a good job making sure everyone is keeping up to pace with everyone else. The amount of clubs and sports that the district has to offer is amazing. There is something for everyone in the district. They try there best here to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable.
Marysville School District is full of some amazing teachers. Many of the teaching staff truly do care about their students. I would say this district is lacking more on an administrative level. While the teachers are compassionate, many administrators tend to disregard student input.
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The diverse high school classes at Marysville Getchell were good for different career paths. What I would change is more student engagement with faculty members to build a stronger community.
The staffs and teachers are extremely nice. The teachers are really excellent and they really want you to succeed. The school is a friendly environment and a united community. It's like a big family. Though it feels we are a bit underfunded, the school is still excellent and everyone is doing their best to make schools the best environment to be in.
The Marysville school district has changed in my mind over the past few years. I have had times where I have been very frustrated with the way some of the school are run (mainly Marysville Getchell High School), and there have been times where I like what the district has done, and where I think it could potentially head to in the future.
It is a wonderful school to attend. The campus is clean for the most part and all teachers and staff members are welcoming to students. They are very open and friendly creating a welcoming learning environment as well as allowing the students to reach beyond their limits and grow.
The Marysville school district is very poorly run and unorganized. Most of the teachers hired don’t genuinley care about their students and have very little teaching skills. I decided to do running start just to get away from the school and the administration.
I’d like to change how comfortable I am at school, that’s the only aspect I love everything else; the inclusiveness, activities, friends, and staff. I just don’t feel safe at my school and that sucks, we have lots of threats and we just recently had a lock down for something not that big of a deal, but my mind immediately went strait to thinking the worst.
School district pretend to care and only act when things happen for example when a kid committed suicide they brought in help and counselors to help kids grieve and yeah they did a good job helping but why stop it ? Shouldn’t the school district always have people at schools to help and seem like they actually care about kids ? Maybe just a thought. Also why was it okay to have about 20 police men’s at Marysville Pilchuck when the fight happened this year ? Did you guys not think about the kids that have anxiety and how that would affect their whole day ?
Pleasant experience with teachers and other peers. I would like to see more one on one learning, the SLC system helped immensely with getting students college and career ready. For the most part, teachers were approachable.
At Marysville School District, you can connect with teachers and can turn to them when you need help. As a senior in high school, I have leaned on my teachers and they have always been here supporting me and helping me with whatever problems come up. With that being said, there are some teachers that are better than others.
It all depends on how old you are and what school you're at. The majority of the elementary schools are pretty good. Marysville provides many programs to help students (Highly Capable, life skills, behavior intervention, co-op, there's probably more). In my opinion, the majority of these programs peak at the elementary school level. The high schools used to be pretty good too. The recent change at Marysville Getchell has definitely had a negative impact on the students body there. The middle schools are awful though, if you're trying to decide what district to send you students to for middle school Marysville should not be included in that decision if you want them to be at the level they need to be at for high school.
This school gave me a great education but it was a very large school with a lot of bad students and drugs.
Overall, the Marysville School District is an amazing school district that help support, provide, and teach the students. The staff is amazing and do what they can to hear all the opinions of the students and families in the city. They provide each student 6th grade and up with their own chromebook to allow advance learning as well as easy access to successful work at home. They provide a wide variety of class for the diverse amount of students.
I like that they try to create a community within the schools, but I would like to see opinions on different schools within the district change.
I enjoyed most teachers I had. However, I feel that our district wasted money on a program that does not help anyone whatsoever. I think that our district doesn’t pay attention enough to what the students want.
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My time in high school was fine, overall. I stayed with my friend group and participated in a few after school activities like the marching band and robotics club.
I've been in the Marysville School District from elementary to high school. The school district is pretty decent and is constantly expanding and innovating. Wonderful teachers, class sizes are decent, and most of the technology and textbooks are up to date.
I had a good high school experience attending Tulalip Heritage High School, but it is sad to see how much the high school has changed since i graduated in 2014
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