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I have been going to Marysville Public Schools since kindergarten and they have some of the most caring teachers. They have made a big impact on my life and have taught me many life skills that are very impactful to me. I will always remember how kind and caring the staff is because, they always want the best for their students and for them to succeed. The student life is also very good with many clubs and activities to get involved in. This school has made a very big impact on my life and I know that my teachers will always be there for me when I need it.
Marysville high school overall was not an enjoyable experience. While there were several teachers and programs that were great and made school days fun. Most experiences there were negative. Bullying was never handled and whenever there was a concern it was ignored. Staff protected other staff members and treated students like test scores. We were always limited to what we were allowed to do and every year something was taken away from us again.
Overall, the school is ranked very high with its academics and the quality of teachers that there are. The biggest downside is that the diversity of the district is greatly limited. I would really like to see this aspect change in the future.
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Excellent staff, academics, sports , college preparedness , the school is beautiful , the students are diverse and the community strongly backs this district , the parent involvement is more then stellar !
I appreciate the courses offered and the support of the teachers. There are many clubs and programs of interest. Our band program is outstanding.
Overall the Marysville school district is efficient. Though I would like to see more parent involvement and more resources for the students attending.
Most of the teachers were so supportive but I wish we had a little more “pep” and not so much uniformity. Especially the incident during graduation of ‘17
I liked it at Marysville. I would like to see more variety/AP classes. More influence of school clubs. I would like to see the counselors actually work with students. Typical mostly white school, hardly any diversity.
I was challenged intellectually. However, the district tends to be closed minded and not accepting to those who don't meet their standards. They did not prepare students for the real world. Lacked adequate counseling.
I like that Marysville Schools are a tight knit school, with lots of opportunities! The only complaint I have is with the Administration.
I got to see friends. And the forensics class. Other than that the school isn't fun and makes your high school life feel like a federal prison.
My family feels very fortunate to have our children to attend Marysville Public Schools. We have experienced classes from Pre-K through to the High School. My children have thrived academically, and have the continued support of the staff. As parents, we receive communication from the teachers, which has helped us to ensure we could support our child on their school endeavors. Marysville Public Schools has played a huge role in preparing my children academically and socially for their future. They also have the opportunity to participant in a variety of extracurricular activities. The visual, communication and performing arts opportunities have been great addition as well.
In all honesty, this school is trash. All (if not most) teachers don't know what they are talking about, even though this school is good for academics doesn't mean that most of the administrators don't care about their students. With some of the kids at this school, they had a low GPA and the principal kicked those kids out without having a second chance, they would just kick them out for no reason. The superintendent doesn't know what he is talking about and no one really likes him and he only cares about academics, not even the arts.
Good school, most teachers are very helpful. Known to have very good band and sports teams. If sports aren't your thing have a lot of clubs to join.
I have been involved in most aspects of high school activities. If I incur any problems the teachers and staff are always willing to help in any way they can. If I were to improve anything about our school it would be that it would give more support to the struggling students to help them achieve their positional.
I loved my teachers. Marysville’s mission statement includes a personalized education- and at the very least the teachers uphold this value. However, Marysville is under very poor administration, from the counselors to the Principle. The administration acts upon favoritism, and if you are not a ‘favorite student’ you will not get the help and support other students may get.
Marysville Public Schools has some of the best teachers in the county and probably the state. They are extremely intelligent and dedicated individuals. I have learned so much from them and have formed healthy bonds with them that have allowed me to reach my maximum potential in the classroom. While Marysville Schools do have their flaws, the teachers make up for that by being kind, fair, and passionate.
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I have participated with Marysville public schools since my freshman year. Marysville is a very upbeat and exciting place to go to school. The academics are on point and prepare students for college. All the sports teams are not only friends but they grow to become family. I was on the swim team, tennis, and did track. It was some of the most fun I've had in my life and that's why I love Marysville public schools.
My experience at Marysville Public Schools has been relatively good. The teachers for the most part are very helpful and are willing to spend extra time working with you if you are struggling with a specific topic. I would consider enrolling my child at this school district.
It is a great school. They give me the opportunity to succeed academically and as a person. The teachers care about you as an individual and they want you to succeed
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