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Marysville Joint Unified School District Reviews

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MJUSD does a lot with a little. They do a pretty good job with the resources available. We have kind teachers with most of them being very capable at teaching. Maryville High School wants every student to succeed and treat us like their children. We have a tightknit community who also wants us to succeed and see us represent them in the world.
Super supportive & understanding teachers. They are very easy to talk to yet stay on your head about grades.
Marysville High School is a good high school with its many things that some schools can’t offer. One of those is how the teachers and staff genuinely care about the student no matter who they are.
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Though the school has its issues, the school a safe place and friendly staff. The staff members are caring and active individuals, meaning they are usually there when needed and there when they are not. Marysville High School has advanced classes everywhere on the campus and pushes their kids to become academically advanced. Marysville academy of the arts is a wonderful location for the creative crowd to become more inspired and excel in the arts. When it comes to communication outside of the school campus, the school I attend tries their best to keep the parents well informed. They send monthly newsletters to keep the parental figures up to date and encourage its students to become active members in the community.
My experience at MJUSD has so far been great, the school in general has been great towards me. The staff at the district as well as the school care about the students' experience and education.
Marysville High School is not the most luxurious place to go to school. It’s not the infrastructure that makes going to this school average, it’s the attitude of the students. We have a very low school participation rate and that takes away from the high school experience. Nowadays there are so many restrictions put on us that we can’t do. For example we can’t even sell food during school for fundraisers and we can’t even have a culture day. Academically there’s not a lot of options. It would be nice to have more options for classes. This school can change for the better I know it! It just needs some motivation and positivity.
It's a decent school, you will find your average teachers there, some may be poor while others may be great. The campus itself is pretty clean and welcoming. Counseling for students could be better along with the school spirit. But overall you will meet amazing people there that could last an eternity.
MJUSD is a great school district to be a part of, and the board members are also very approachable. They also really try to include teachers, parents, and students.
I will be graduating from Maryville High School in June 2019. I have attended Marysville High School for 4 years and I have loved it. It is a very calm and friendly environment with caring staff. The district is always finding ways to keep us, the students, safe in any times of emergency considering the events that have occurred involving schools in recent years. Along with keeping us safe, I feel the district constantly works to improve our educational resources by holding weekly teacher meetings and trainings, purchasing new laptops, and incorporating many CTE programs.
I have been attending Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts since 2015, and my experience has been pleasant. I would consider the quality of education at my school to be on the better end compared to some of the other schools in the area, and I think it is very positive that we have free lunch. However, it has been very difficult for our school to function without a theatre and more vegetarian meal options would be nice. Overall, this district in fine as is, but it is truly the individual school staff and my own involvement that have determined the quality of my experience.
Very good school academic wise, counselors and staff personnel try to offer the best education they can to students. One downside is the school does not put enough money into Sports programs.
Marysville high school is a great school to go to, it has lots of programs, sports, and clubs to offer you. The school treats you as a welcoming place to be in, the teachers are nice and they will prepare you for college. At Marysville high school, they provide you with free lunches for kids that can apply, colleges classes, and they also provide you with programs that can help you apply for colleges. The only thing that Marysville high school should change would be that campus should be a off campus during lunch and also make the parking space to be a bit bigger for all the students to park there cars there. But an overall, Marysville high school in an amazing to to go to.
Teachers and staff care about students' well-being and want to see every student succeed. I was able to go to any of my teachers and get help if needed, talk, or just for good 'ole conversation. I truly felt important.
I’ve been through the MJUSD school district from K-12 and am satisfied. Although my high school didn’t have as many languages or AP courses offered as other districts, they are striving to improve that.
unfortunately there is a big difference in the distribution of resources. two high schools with very different campuses. the school behind the district is of course given more updates,bigger and better football field (while the other stands are ready to give at anytime) , newer gyms (2 gyms with surround system while at the other school in the ONE gym is awful) , swimming pools (none to be seen at the other school)
Marysville Joint Unified school district is a excellent District. It provides variety of academics and electives for students. It has a lot of diversity and is very accepting. There's a lot of involvement throughout schools. It provides an excellent college readiness for high school juniors and seniors.
I would like to see the School District more involved with school activities we do , be involved when we’re doing fundraisers for any type of club.
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Within the Marysville Joint Unified School District, each and every student for the past two years has been provided the gift of free lunch, which is very much needed in this community. What I would like to see change is that both of the high schools within this district receive equal funds as well as opportunities.
Personally, I wish that Lindhurst was given the same exact opportunities as Marysville High School. Lindhurst is seen as the “bad” school and we are not given the same treatment.
Marysville is a decent place to go to school. The district buildings are nice but MHS campus is falling apart. The staff and faculty for the most part are kind and helpful. The small town feeling is great, and it's nice to know everyone in your graduating class. The new principal, Ms. Mathews, has made many improvements in the school already in the short time she's been here. Marysville just needs more funding and sponsors in order to restore the old buildings and create a better learning environment. It is in a poor area, so it needs help.
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