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Marysville Exempted Village School District Reviews

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As a formally known alum within this school district located within Marysville, Ohio, there are several small concerns that I would like to address. In certain aspects, the school district presents itself as an average, mostly middle-class school for those who reside within the area, but that is not always the case for some students attending. Although the educational system was rather leiniant for a high school, a vast variety of students managed to struggle with academics. The teachers, in which in most cases were the coaches for a variety of the sports teams that took place at the high school, were unable to provide a sense of support to a variety of student athletes. The additional pressure of a coach, along with that individual taking place as your teacher gave those particular students additional stress within those academic situations in class.
I loved going to school in Marysville. It was always a very friendly place with many opportunities for everyone. Each person is able to find their niche within the school system. The things I would like to change is that students have more of a voice as to what is happening to their schools. It feels as if many things are happening and it either is not communicated to us or we have no choice in what will effect our future as students.
I liked that the teachers were Christian and ran the classroom with those values. what I would like to change is that there is not much diversity in the school. I would like to see more races than just white there.
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All the teachers work hard to give you a personalized education, while getting you the tools for college. Not everything is perfect, but as long as the student is willing to put in the work, they can get a lot out of it.
Marysville High School is a great school overall but does not have an overwhelming number of teachers which lowers their teaching ability.
I had a great time at Marysville High School. All of my teachers were very helpful and understanding of anything I was going through. The showchoir and theater program is amazing and really helped me to get to where I am today!
The school offers a lot of different activities and classes. Marysville has many clubs and a lot of good things about it. The downside is that there is not a lot of communication about what is going on when. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.
I would like to see bulling change at Marysville but they did well with finding time to talk to students.
I attend the STEM early college high school and I am proud to say that Marysville schools has helped me become the well rounded student I am today. I feel very prepared for the next 4 Years of my life at college.
Marysville is your run-of-the-mill school experience. There is very little diversity and the "culture" of the high school is poor. Lots of drug abuse and cliques.
Marysville needs more diversity. Also the sports are too close minded with too many coaches who are parents of athletes and it makes it unfair.
I'd like to see the high school get the same level of treatment that the Early College school gets. Many of the teachers at the high school are still working with old school projectors, which would be fine if funds weren't going to the Early College for new tech and gear.
I moved to Marysville mid way durning my Freshman year. It was scary to move so far from family and having no friends. When I arrived everyone was so friendly and they where really good to me. I got a lot of friends fast and all the staff are really nice. Food is pretty good too.
My high school experience was not the greatest due to personal reasons, and some of the teachers and their poor attitudes never helped. But with the help of my guidance counselor, my experience started to improve because of her encouraging me to do better and look forward to my future.
Through all of the ups and downs of life and as I am entering my 12th year of school, I have loved everything MEVSD has offered for me. The enviornment is safe and nurturing and has always been a place where I’ve felt connected with a close community not only with peers, but teachers too. An example of this would be the really remarkable opportunity to select any teacher you would like to hand you your diploma. While many pick coaches or very influential staff from their high school careers, some even call back on those few extra special elementary and middle-school teachers. I think all of the schools offered in this small town present an excellent suburb to raise a family. The only issues I have with the town lie in the lack of diversity and places to hang out as a teen without leaving town!
I liked all the support from everyone that works in the district. everyone is very helpful and everyone wants what is best for the student and will do anything in their power to make sure that happens for every student.
Something I liked about Marysville School District is how involved the teachers were with their students. I honestly felt so comfortable asking my teachers for help and guidance with my education. One thing I'd like to see change is the cleanliness of the schools, especially the bathrooms.
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The Marysville school district is overall well established. From my experience at the ECHS, the faculty really cares about their students and their success. Each get to know you as a student and are always willing to help as long as you're willing to reach out. The counselors and administration (as far as I know) really help you think through your schedules and determine your best route as far as courses go. Faculty are adamant about education and try to be resourceful as possible when it comes to applying to colleges. As for the middle school, intermediate, and elementary schools are, they are great schools themselves and there remains an attitude of care and professionalism within a vast majority of the staff.
I would enjoy Marysville to become more diversified throughout the entire district. Our school consists of a wonderful staff and teaching program!
Overall it is a good school, and it is getting better. While I am graduating this year, I leave knowing that the classes below me will be better off than I was. They will be receiving better classes and a better class structure than what I received. The one thing that I was disappointed with is the relocation of teachers to the new Early College High School in our district. Many loved teachers left the main high school to teach there, but the teachers that do remain are still great!
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