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It’s okay you just have to maintain your gpa and watch your grades.Most students look for help from their teachers but you have to be responsible for your own self.
In the past four years, I have attended Martinsville High School and although I had a great experience, I also would like to see some changes. Overall, the school has a great environment and strongly encourages everyone to reach their full potential. However, being from a low income city, new teaching tools have are not common. This new generation requires technology to function. Therefore, to keep this school up to date I believe that the school board should invest on new technology to keep students’ minds expanding as our generation does.
I love my school and the administration. But, I am in an environment of students where some act like they do not care about their education. I would love to be in an environment of people who had a higher outlook and attitude towards school. I also feel as if some of the administration, like guidance counselors, are very poor about giving college advice and help. That is a major thing I have been clueless about and have had to figure out mostly on my own with some guidance from a good friend.
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There was new staff every year, that did not provide very much of a challenge to students. The softball team does not exist any more due to lack of staff keeping it up, the same thing happened to the key club and interact, but on a positive note, there are less fights than previous years, they are working on better staff, and some current staff make great impacts on childrens' lives and administration is good at helping the less fortunate students as well as the special needs students. They try very hard to ensure student success.
I am an alumni of Martinsville High school and I would like to see more experienced teachers and more activities for the students and more school spirit.
Martinsville needs to up their game because many students are going to college without knowledge of basic information needed to get an associates degree.
Martinsville city public schools aren't the best place to send your children for a proper education. Its considered somewhat dangerous and fights occur often.
It was an average school. To much drama was in the school and kids were too ghetto and some teachers didn't know what they were doing and some was on their game
I have had a great school life here. Classes are small to medium in size. All my teachers have challenged me to do my best in all. I would like to see more help for the ones who struggle with regular teaching. Maybe out of the box because not everyone learns the same. I would want more kids to go to Martinsville.
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