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Martinez Unified School District Reviews

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I would greatly improve our diversity because I personally think our district is pretty ignorant when it comes to diversity issues. We also need to learn more about diverse people and put it in our curriculum more and have more ethnic studies. Some other problems include our unhealthy and grotesque food, our bathrooms do not work well, we do not have enough places to sit outside, and our some of our teachers are very poor but the school district just simply does not care. The school district also does not listen to students nor teachers enough and does not take anyone seriously. Our school district is not motivated nor inspired enough to work on serious issues such as black lives matter, the teachers are too worried feeling sorry for themselves and not concerned enough about the students. This is what I have to say. Thank you!
I love the family feel. We grow up with each other, and we get to see each other grow and mature. We basically all know each other because we are a small town, and that has its advantages and disadvantages. Our school district does have "cliques" and I wish it didn't and we could all get along. There is some bullying that is not necessary. Overall, I think the kindness towards others and the feeling of us all belonging needs to change for the better.
I love how small the district is, allowing four elementary schools to flow into one junior high, then one high school really allows the district to monitor its schools closely. Therefore as a student I feel all the staff in the district are truly focusing on my needs, because there is only one high school they can focus on. As a small school it's easier to stay connected with teachers and staff as well.
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The teachers and students are nice. I am a high school senior and I feel well prepared for continuing my education into college. The Advanced Placement courses have contributed greatly to my academic knowledge. I believe the Martinez Unified School district is a smart choice in schooling.
I would like to see the teachers get paid more! Martinez Unified district has amazing teachers and they are underpaid.
I attended Martinez Unified school district my entire school career. I found that my teachers were very caring, wanted to make sure that I excelled, and the counselors in Highschool went above and beyond to help me. I have anxiety and the district made sure that I was helped in every way to achieve my goals. feel that the Martinez Unified School District is a close group that all looks out for everyone. Our school had advanced technology available that not even some of the more high priced desired school districts did. We had different clubs, programs, and electives available. The High School Auto Shop even had a program with the BMW dealer for interns. I would recommend Martinez Unified, it's a small, technological based, up to date, and caring district that I am happy to have graduated from.
Martinez Unified is very small which allows them to be hands on with the students. I am a highschool senior at Alhambra and personally know the superintendent and many of the district administrators. They offer a very personal connection with all the students which helps kids grow. However I do think that many of the teachers in the district do not take their jobs seriously and are not providing the quality of education needed.
Martinez Unified School District is wasteful in their resources and wastes its valuable money on useless items. They are selfish and could care less about the students and more about themselves.
Martinez Unified School District is an outstanding educational facility where all the teachers and administrators try their best to make each student excel and succeed. From Elementary to Middle and finally High school everybody works together to make a perfect environment to students. The administration works as one big family and enforce new programs to help the students. Although the population count in the high school isn't high, the school offers most classes that other bigger institutions offer. I would like to see more physics classes in the school. Other than that the school is a perfect place to go to every day.
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