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Very friendly community, everyone knows everyone. Teachers genuinely care about their students success.
There is not enough challenging classes, and some of the teachers do not teach in different ways so that each learning type can understand and comprehend the material.
I went to Martin during my elementary and middle school years and my brother attend the high school there . I did not think it was a very good school. It has some positives but it lacked opportunities and resources to get into college.
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Small school where everyone knows everyone. There is shared diversity within a small farm town. Teachers are willing to work after with students and they offer dual enrollment privileges to students that can keep up a gpa of a 3.0
Martin is very small. You do get to know your friends and teachers fairly well, but the smallness of the school does limit how far one can go academically. For instance, their school books are dated and they no longer have a high school library. I experienced a map in my government class with the country of Yugoslavia on it, and I noticed it, apparently, for the first time. The system did offer some unique classes, such as wood shop, music, and art.
I have gone to Martin my whole life, all the way from pre-school until now. I am a senior this year and let me tell you, time really does fly by. When I tell someone where I go to school they always say "Martin? Where's that?". We are a small school in a small town but I think that's what makes us unique and different from all the other schools. Whether it's a Monday night softball game or a Friday night football game, the atmosphere is something I can't explain. Everyone has the best school spirit . This past year we have been getting a lot more new kids and it makes me excited for what is in store for my school and community.
It's a small community so everyone knows everyone. The community is always finding ways to help families in need and trying to get everyone involved in things.
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