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Martin County Schools is in a small community. The Board of Education is made up of older people that do not understand what school age people go through. Many rules and regulations are made that do not reflect the school environment correctly. Younger people need to be added to the board to better understand the situation of the students. There is also little funding to provide to schools for arts programs or classroom supplies. Basically all funding is generated directly from school organizations but the county office tries to stop groups from having multiple fundraisers. Resources need to be received and board members brought in to create a better functionality within the individual schools.
My experience with Martin County Schools was great. The teachers were amazing. I learned a lot from the teachers and the administration.
They try to provide the best education possible for each student. If your struggling they try to do their best and help you in the area you are struggling. They have great teachers who are very willing to help every student reach their goals.
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Martin County Schools kept me interested in class work (especially with animals and plants). Martin County Schools gave me a diverse group of classes to choose from and the guidance counselors helped me understand what I was to do to get into college.
My experience with Riverside was great! I loved the student-teacher connection and how the staff and counselors genuinely cared. Although my experience was wonderful, I would like to see the school welcome more clubs like chorus and dance into the school for the more creative students.
I have lived in Martin County all of my life. So I attended school in Martin County starting from 1st grade all the way through graduation. My overall experience as a student in the Martin County School system was a very pleasant one. The teachers were pretty amazing, they were easy to talk to and you could tell that they really did love to teach. I say that because people can normally tell if someone does or does not like their job because it ultimately affects their attitude on the job. Luckily for me I was blessed with teachers who loved their job and really did want to make a difference.
Martin County Schools are very average, I never felt that it prepared the students very much for college. They focused more on the uniform policy than on students' actual education. There are very few teachers that are better than simply decent. Martin County also is a very poor school district, though it's not the county's fault it keeps student's from getting the best materials possible to learn. Regardless of all of that the teachers and administration are very kind and as helpful as they can be.
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