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Enjoyed my years at County - High School is what you make it - work hard and stay out of trouble. A lot of the veteran teachers have left and academics have changed since I left - teachers need to be able to teach kids "old school" - stand in front of the class and teach! Teaching for testing and testing for teacher evaluations is wrong.
I loved being in MCSD. I attended K-12 here and it has always had a high standard for education and involvement. The teachers love what they do, and that translates to the quality of education the students get. The amount of opportunities presented to students and families in the school district make it one of the best. The emphasis on arts, as well as sports, allow students to be well rounded outside the classroom as well as in it. The care that school administrators put into their schools and district is unparalleled anywhere else in the state. Thanks MCSD.
Martin County high school has something for every student. They have a numerous amount of clubs and activities. They offer countless community volunteer opportunities. The teachers, staff, and administration are always willing to help. It has been an overall great experience. However, I am excited to move on.
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My experience with Martin County School District has been great. I’m a student at Jensen Beach High School and all the teachers there are willing to do their best to give the highest education possible.
I would like to continue seeing teachers push their kids to do their best. The teachers encourage the students to do their very best and support them in starting their careers.
I really have enjoyed the Martin County School System. The only suggestion I would have is to be a little more lenient on the rules at Jensen Beach High School.
Excellent school district! Not only are the staff members very nice, I feel safe as a student. When I have struggled with subjects, I have always found it easy to go to one of my teachers as they are eager to help. The school district itself could use some work. Yes, I understand they want to "process monitor" students, but they should do it at a time that is more convenient to the students instead of doing it when students return from break, and have forgotten the subject completely.
Martin County School District has been my home since 2016, my freshman year of high school. The teachers are very below average. They're not very engaged, and don't really seem to like their job. MCSD is really not that focused on safety, either. They will do small things, like make every student wear a lanyard. However, I don't seem to understand how these thin pieces of fabric with our name on them are keeping us safe. Activities are amazing. There is a wide range of things to do, such as choir, drama, band, model UN, etc.. The academics are okay. The teachers aren't engaged enough, which either makes a class incredibly challenging or the opposite. So MCSD/JBHS is an alright school district/school, but it really is not what it is made out to be.
The school is good. It has a lot of really good clubs, but the administration takes alot of liberties when enforcing dress code.
I like that there are many schools to chose from and that they give you many opportunities in school
I loved Martin County High School it was a safe environment and when you needed help someone was always there to guide you.
The teachers are so nice ,they are always push you to do better , they I’ll stay after school to help you if you need help in there classes
The Martin County School District will facilitate a good education. However, if you are interested in making change as a student, you will have to work extremely hard to get their cooperation. At MCHS, there are a lot of administrators that care about your interests and will work to get your goals completed. Unfortunately, at the district level there are people in power that enforce sexist dress codes and oppress social activism within the schools.
Admirably, there is a pretty good variety of clubs to join. A great majority of the teachers are willing to help and offer opportunities for students to improve. Sports policies encourage students to focus on school and have a way of putting students on the right path. However, in contrast, treatment and discipline policies tend to vary among students not everyone is treated the same or disciplined to the same extent as someone who broke a similar rule. Measures taken on those who decide to break out into a fight or verbally abuse other students could be taken more seriously to prevent future incidents, but administration does look into matters quite quickly.
My experience with the Martin County School District is quite simple. As a incoming Junior, I feel that I’ve been prepared by the years before with my teachers and staff members who guided never to where I am. Although like every other school; Martin County High School could always be enhanced.
I loved my teachers. They really pushed me to achieve more and were always supportive, even with non-school related issues. While the campus was beautiful (they’re always working on improving it), I feel like the portable classrooms are really outdated.
Being a student in the Martin County school district I feel has prepared me for college and further education.
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At my school, it seemed as if no one cared about anything. The teachers were nice, but not all of them were qualified to be teaching in their position. Also, some of them wouldn't properly teach, they would rush through the lesson and tell the students that if they still didn't understand, then they had to teach themselves. All the students were annoying and made a joke of the place and would always talk badly about everyone and everything. It made me happy to finally be graduating.
Change The principal at Murray Middle did little to help my brother who was bullied so bad at Murray. Finally we had to go to police 4 different times and still she did nothing
I like the teachers who really help students learn and never let them fall behind. The teachers at my school really care about me. What I would like to change is the bullying problem in the middle schools. My brother gets bullied everyday and the staff at his school doesn't stop it.
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