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Martensdale-St. Mary's Community School District Reviews

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my son is in elementary here. he's had a great experience so far. he's received a lot of help where he's needed it from academics, to social and behavior. he's made a ton of great friends which is something for him bc he's so shy and loves his quiet and alone time! he's made great improvements with the help of his teachers and associates. the one negative that I don't like is they have their teacher associates follow the teacher rather than the student who needs her or him. each year he has to have a new associate assigned. I feel like he would have a much better experience with his education if he got to keep the same one that works the best with him each year bc each year it wouldn't be a guessing game of how he works best and getting past the personality clashes, and just focus on the learning.. I so wish they would adopt this policy!! it's the most frustrating thing.. and the one thing I don't like about this school.
Overall I had a good experience at Martensdale. The community is very supportive and there are options for many long term people connections. There is room for improvement in terms of college readiness and accountability of the administration and staff.
I love the community. MStM is a very close knit community that follows all sports to all events even without a vested interest or child/grandchild in the game. The support is endless and we really rally around our students and athletes to make them feel welcomed and encouraged. The education is also very impressive. We offer the complete Iowa curriculum and then some with fun and useful classes such as home equity, cooking, and extra business classes with highly qualified teachers. Our school also offers college credit through a partnership with Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) which allows students to graduate high school with college credit cutting down on time and cost at university. The community and educational experience really made me enjoy going to school at MStM and I would recommend the school to anyone looking around the Des Moines area.
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My experience while attending Martensdale st. Mary's was wide ranging. At first I had some great bonds with friends but as the years past they soon faded making high school a little more lonely. My opinion is that academicS need to be pushed hard and not let students slack off. There needs to be more unity in the school system and communication within leadership.
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