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Marshfield R-I School District Reviews

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This is a great districts. They challenge their students. The students are decent but, the teachers are amazing. Their athletics are very well as well. I went here for 4 years. I enjoyed every second of it. I wish that I never left this school. I go to the Niangua Junior High and it is horrible. I only have 4 classmates THAT I care about.
I liked the small community feel of the Marshfield school district. The residents of Marshfield are supportive of students, which is pretty cool. I wish that there were more teachers in the district that actually cared and didn't choose favorites. Overall, I had no personal problems with Marshfield school district.
I have attended the Marshfield school district since the first grade. My experience, though not terrible, was not as good as I think the experience should have been. The overall atmosphere was rather close-minded and too generic in my opinion. This kind of environment makes it hard to introduce any real change. Also, in school, assistance for students with minor disabilities such as anxiety and attention deficit were not openly given. However, the school district provided a overall good range of general education for a variety of learning levels. The district also provided satisfactory college readiness and some post high school opportunities.
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Most of the teachers are good, the administration knows who you are, you only have 4 minutes between class, so it's difficult to make it to your next class. The halls, for the most part, stay clean. The Arts are underfunded, most of their funding has to come from grants or fundraising. Better than some in the area, but also not the best. The only parent envolvemnet that I've seen are with the band, adn their band moms who help with the uniform room after the football games.
I started going to Marshfield during my Freshman year. As far as I can tell it's a pretty average public high school. The teachers are hit or miss. The administration is not so friendly, especially the counselors, who don't have time for a lot of the kids there, so they just try to settle disputes and issues as quickly as possible so they can move on to the next problem.
Marshfield schools are have a wide variety of learning styles. You are able to learn in a traditional way or through the advanced technology that the school offers. The teachers want what is best for the children and always have open doors.
It is small enough to where you know everyone. There are tons of activities and lots of school spirit. Our school has arena scheduling which allows us to choose when and what classes we want. We have lots of classes to choose from including dual credit classes and GOCAPS. We offer many clubs and tutoring after school. Our school is constantly updating for the better education of the students.
I would like to see an improvement in food. They building has had a lot of remodeling and is very nice. Most students feel valued. The sports programs are very diverse. The cross country team is very welcoming to all levels of athlers.
I would like to see more resources allocated to the state of the buildings at the Marshfield High School district.
I feel like it did okay educating us. Some of the teachers were great, and other fell short. Also there seemed to be a lot of double standards.
I did not particularly enjoy my time at Marshfield. The people are generally Evangelical-conservative types, and it really shows growing up in this environment. Other than the students, I'm not so sure I felt appropriately represented and advocated for as a queer student. In fact, I had issues invalidated by the counselor who ignored emotional abuse going on that she was made aware of.
All the teachers I had were fantastic. They really cared and tried to make things interesting and challenging. I would like to see the arts program get more funding. They pore money into the athletics and cut the budget for band and choir every year.
Marshfield high school is average. They have several different options for classes but you have to set your class schedule instead of counselors doing it. There are prerequisites for a lot of classes that doesn't seem necessary. The school is all about sports so if you play sports you are important or if your parents are well known then everyone treats you different. Some teachers really care whether you pass and others just are there for a job. This is a fairly new building but lots of leaks already in the ceiling. parking lot is awful!! It is mainly a Caucasian population with a few minority groups.
The teachers are very kind and help you as much as they can. Administration of the High School, however, is not as Arts forward as they could be. The Arts (band, theatre, choir, etc.) are severley underfunded while sports get most of the available funding.
As a senior, I have attended Marshfield R-1 District ever since preschool. In middle school, I found out that I love biology and now I am going to major in biology in college in the fall. Every year, the teachers have pushed me toward succession and got me ready for the real world.. My teachers have become my friends and mentors, they help me in ways I cannot even describe. The atmosphere in all of the buildings are friendly and welcoming.
Marshfield High School isn't the worst school you could go to. You have staff that is readily available and willing to help; but, at the same time they turn a blind eye towards bullying, will say that by not acting in as a perfect mold for them then, you should have expected it.
Enjoyed all of the opportunities provided to me academically and for the encouragement to participate in extra curricular areas that I didn't realize I would excel in.
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I love the environment. We have a bunch of very spirited students who go all out on spirit days. We have very good newspaper and yearbook team who cover just about every event that happens. If I could see anything change it would be to have more freedom on campus. Right now we have to have a pass to go everywhere and during star (homeroom) we can't leave to go to other teachers to get homework help.
I have enjoyed being a student at MHS. I love all the faculty, and I do not think I would change a thing about it.
I have attended school in the Marshfield R-1 School District since kindergarten. During my time as a student in the Marshfield R-1 School District I have felt that the district is progressing. I would like to see advancements made in extracurricular activities and sports as well as academics.
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