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Marshfield public schools have an abundant amount of opportunities for all students. The schools are filled with supporting teachers who only want the best for their students. Unfortunately a significant amount of the student body have nicotine addictions.
I loved many of my teachers and the opportunities they gave to me. The building is new and very impressive. Sports are a huge, overwhelming, and somewhat disappointing priority over academics. Overall, I believe that there are still many issues in administration that need to be acknowledged.
(1have attend up from k-12) Terrible school system with regard for developing intellectual curiosity. Sports are the focus while academics take a back seat. Very homogenous pop; no diversity. The south shore for lack of better wording is a dry desolate area for diversity, and intellectual development. With that being said there are quality people who are part of the faculty at MHS, and do want to see you suceed. The issue lies more with the culture within the walls, and the teachers aren't too much to blame.
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Overall my experience at Marshfield High School has been positive. Many teachers connect with their students by teaching beyond the classroom and are genuinely interested in their students' success. Although it's not a vocational high school there are still courses offered in woodshop, construction, and culinary. The art and music department are phenomenal and it's very easy to find something to participate in afterschool or start your own clubs. Students can be cliquey; however, that's common of most high schools. Although Marshfield isn't a very diverse town, the school's afs chapter works hard to support international students and exchanges. If a student is willing to put in extra effort, they are likely to succeed at Marshfield High.
I had a great overall experience at Marshfield Public Schools. I feel that they have prepared me for college very well. I hope this will make for an easier transition from high school to college.
Dedicated staff and teachers that truly care about student development! The district offers a variety of enrichment courses, clubs, and athletics for every student. Schools are very well maintained.
Amazing facilities and technical classes which enabled me to be accepted at my #1 college. Talented, award winning sports teams. AP classes, opportunity to travel abroad. All students provided with Chrome book. Kind and engaging teachers.
The school has improved a lot since i left. All in the right direction! New building and plenty of clubs, strong academics too
Marshfield Public Schools has many amazing teachers and a variety of class options for all learning abilities. It is very easy to make friends because there are so many different types of people in this district. There are a lot of fun classes to take such as art classes, gym, and tech classes. The teachers challenge you to do well.
My experience going to Marshfield Schools for the past 12 years has been great. I feel my experiences in the elementary and high school in Marshfield are a lot better than the middle school. It seemed that there wasn’t as much guidance for kids that needed it and some got lost behaviorally. Administration didn’t put forth much effort.
It is a pretty good school overall, but it seems to not build a strong sense of community. Administration has some problems but it’s alright
Great schools elementary through high school. New high school but elementary buildings are old. Teachers at all levels are dedicated and administrators are supportive.
Marshfield High School is a new school that has great technologies incorporated. Teachers also keep subjects interesting for college prep
Marshfield High School is a great school for academics, but is very strict. The school is ran by a power hungry principle who is more concerned about his reputation than the students.
Love the new High School. State of the Art. However, there needs to be more parking for students. I also think that there needs to be more guidance counselors or college help for the upper classsmen. Its hard to get an appointment with the college counselors.
My personal experience with Marshfield Public Schools was very good, since I've been provided with extensive opportunities to participate in various clubs and have the ability to use highly advanced technology I otherwise wouldn't have access to. I've had teachers who have moved me in regards to my love for science, opinions on politics, and show me both how to and how not to act and treat others. The only negative experience I've had in regards to Marshfield High School is that they bring in public speakers to educate us on bullying, yet whenever somebody is actually bullied in the school, they dismiss the situation and push it under the rug. If all faculty in the Marshfield Public School district dealt with bullying as a serious issue, my peers would be less anxious and depressed as a whole.
The school can be quite dirty and has problems with temperature regulation in the building (some areas are hot, while others can be cold).
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I liked that the staff was very caring and open to help in almost any way possible. They were very flexible and understanding of situations.
During my son's academic career we encountered multiple obstacles along the way. He had sensory issues and ADD which created special challenges for his teach but especially for him. He always had an Individual Education Plan which certainly helped him progress, learn and move on to each grade. As he got older the challenges got harder but our system supported him during each step making him a successful High School Senior who is able to graduate with his class this June.
I have enjoyed my experience at Marshfield High School. I am lucky enough to be able to attend the brand new high school my sophomore year. The new school is filled with new technology that helps make everyday classroom activities easier. However, if there is a glitch in the system some class plans need to be altered. Almost all of the teachers are flexible and willing to help before or after school. We also have a math and writing lab that is open during the day to assist with any assignments. Overall Marshfield High School is a pretty good place to attend high school.
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