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Very helpful teachers that really want you to succeed, that greet you in the hallways, and are always able to be contacted digitally, even on weekends. The school also has a newly built campus, and an especially nice student activity center and cafeteria. The food is also really good for a smaller school such as this. Athletic teams are enjoyable to watch, especially the men's soccer team that always makes it to the national tournament year after year.
I enjoyed the connect you were able to create with your teachers but having a little smaller class sizes would help in making that connection easier to form.
I would enjoyed my years at then different levels within MCSD. My son now attends MCSD and will be a freshman in the fall
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What I like about Marshalltown Community School District is that they care about every students, not only students but also parents.
It was a great school! It helped me a lot with my communication skills since it was a big district it was easy for me to speak to new people!Very diverse and they treat you good!
We've had mostly good experiences with mcsd. They have good intentions. Maybe put less focus on sports and more into the arts. More recognition for music, art and drama. We have an amazing drama Dept.
The thing I really like about the Marshalltown Community School District is that teachers and administration are involved and care about the students learning. Staff are always there when students need anything. It doesn't matter what help you need. teachers are willing to help or find someone that can help. Students are involved with school activities and have a lot of school spirit. They are willing to support their peers and other in the district.
Many diverse cultures and clubs all make Mhs a fun and interesting place to go to school. There are many different elementary schools to choose from and very helpful teachers along the way to graduation!
What I love most about Marshalltown is our unique diversity as it has prepared me for graduation and beyond. I'm very proud of my town.
I played as a libero for the Volleyball program for Marshalltown Community College. I have decided to transfer to a four year next year due to not liking what the volleyball program is all about. I enjoyed finding my confidence back on the court but was not the perfect fit in a way. Small town, good people, but not my cup of tea.
It is a very good school. It has so many ways to get involved and teachers will work on you if you ever have a problem.
I enjoy my peers but some of the teachers are just plain awful and the cleanliness of the school is non-existent. Cockroaches should be reason to shut down a school.
I’m an international student from Curaçao that is currently attending Marshalltown Community College. This is my sophomore year and my second year here in the United States. As an international student it was kind fo scary coming to a college in the United States but the instructors have made my experience here very fun and easy. I never had to struggle with finding anything here at the college everyone was/is always there to help you out. I live on campus and it’s wonderfull, I feel safe and the supervisors are doing a job by making sure you enjoy living on campus. I will recommend other students from all over the world to attend Marshalltown Community College, the college is very diverse and will give you a great service.
My daughter loves Marshalltown Community College. I love that she is having such a great college experience! They have a fun campus with many activities to involve students and they have an excellent athletics department. As a parent, I love watching her grow into a happy, independent and ambitious adult. I thank the Marshalltown academic and athletic staff for that!!
All of the teachers I had from K-12 were phenomenal, they were always very nice and ready to help. I remember being involved with many different clubs and participating in numerous activities. There was always a variety of healthy options during lunch for the students to choose from.
The size of the schools are great and the diversity . Just wish they cared about all the sports equally especially the ones that are good rather than pay attention to teams that are not the best. They need to get rid of some teachers who have gotten away with being unprofessional for far too long.
I started at Marshalltown community college right out of highschool. It is a very good school and the teachers are very helpful! The class room atmosphere is awesome, its a good place to learn at and plenty of people to study with and ask for help. There are plenty of different places to study within the school area. It is easy to navigate through and it you don't know your way there is plenty of help throughout the district.
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I have been attending Marshalltown Community School District since Preschool and I am going to be attending my first year at the Marshalltown High School. i gave the rating of three stars because the school district has a lot of bullying including me getting bullied.
Great Bilingual program available and summer academy options. Free lunches and breakfast for all students.
MCSD has a diverse student body and many activities to be a part of. The competition is not that stiff, so you could be in any activity that interests you like art, music, athletics, clubs.
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