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Overall, Marshall has been a pretty good experience. As a senior, I have been a part of many changes that have occurred in the school, the good and the bad. Changes to the schedule have been very frustrating, as well as some issues with schedules and transcripts have been hard to deal with when trying to apply to colleges and for scholarships. I have had a good experience with pretty much all of the staff, they are mostly all very accommodating when changes need to be made and they almost always have our best interests at heart. Marshall has pretty good science and music programs, but the Math is somewhat lacking. The schedule changes that have been discussed for the following years will cut off some of the availability for students to be involved in the arts as things such as Band and Choir will become less of a priority. I feel that currently, I would give the school 4 stars, but if changes are made that I have been hearing about, I would probably rate it 2 stars.
I would say that this school is about average. The teachers and school culture here is what makes this school much better. The food here is ok. The Italian dunkers, cheesy max sticks and chicken nuggets is what really make everyone's day.
Going to school at Marshall schools is a unique experience. The small district and class sizes makes it so that by the time you are graduating you are practically family with your classmates.
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Marshall school districts are safe, diverse and have so much to offer for students. At Marshall, you can find yourself, make great friends, compete in the countless sports they have to offer and be part of multiple clubs and after school activities. Marshall as a great faculty and an amazing student body that engaged with the community.
Marshall is a small school where everyone knows everyone. Teachers are able to form relationships with students making a friendly learning environment. When someone in our school achieves something major (like the girl's basketball team winning state twice in a row), we commend them. Our test scores are slightly less than average in the state of Wisconsin, but our school altered the bell schedule this year to increase instruction time. The staff and students at Marshall High School are friendly and I enjoy going to school here.
I enjoyed my time at Marshall because it was a small, close knit community of students, facilty, and staff. Everyone knew everyone. However, sometimes this wasn't the best because cliches could be formed but overall it was a good experience.
I had a great experience at Marshall High School. The staff made me feel welcomed every day and my education readied me for college. I felt safe walking into school everyday and felt as if the school was a second home of mine. The food at lunch could have been better, but it was not bad. I enjoyed my experience at Marshall.
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