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The teachers are very friendly and will provide extra help if needed. The students are all friendly with one another because there aren't any cliques. I like the classes they have to offer and the opportunities that we are given.
I loved the support and family environment the school provided. Through art club and theatre to athletics, the MHS family and Marshall community will be your largest support system you experience in high school. The school encourages everyone to get involved and be a part of something. I would like to see the academics and administration change. There are so many knowledgeable teachers who work there but some don't take their job seriously. The higher administration has become a clustered mess and the community is not fond of it, as well as the teachers and students.
The schools here in Marshall are friendly and caring, however, the district does not have high test scores and I believe that it is because we do not encourage students to do great. I do not believe the students learn to learn. They learn to memorize for tests. I think we should encourage students more to strive towards goals.
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The Marshall School District cares very much about their students. However, I do not always feel the academics are all to great. I feel some teachers do their best to prepare you for college but others just wait till it’s time to go home. Our sports are okay they are not the best but could be worse. There is diversity. There are several clubs and activities students can be apart of such as DECA and home of the number one FFA chapter in the nation for two consecutive years.
I moved to Marshall my junior year and everyone was so inviting and welcoming. The town was great and teachers were every understanding when I came in behind in my classes due to budget cuts at past school. Sports aren’t their strong suit but they have an amazing FFA program!
Marshall High School is starting to fall back alittle. The spirit here isnt as good as it used to be. There are plenty of activites to keep the students busy and activte outside of school. There are plenty of school organizations that students can participate in. The teachers are always open for questions and are willing to spend extra time outside of class to help students.
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