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Amazing teachers in all areas providing challenging and career readiness. Excellent extracurricular activities to include all students in any area. From Kdg to graduation students are succeeding.
I liked a lot of the teachers at Marshall and I enjoyed the clubs I participated in. I do not like the new enforcement's that the administration is trying to make at Marshall High School. I am not a fan of everything being about the sports teams at Marshall, I wish theater and other clubs were given more attention.
NEEDS Equality and Fairness and I don't mean race, I mean, the same rule applies to everyone the same, give everyone an equal chance at everything, stop picking favorites or who knows who... Administrators and teachers, as well as parents need to be the authority, not our friends. Administrators, listen to the teachers. Teachers, listen to the students. Students, respect authority. Take surveys. Let's get back to the Basics, LEARNING.
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I felt like I learned as much as I needed to know from the teachers at the school. They are all willing to help you out if you need it. Not once was I told no when I needed help or didn't understand something.
I have had a positive experience at Marshall. There are a lot of good programs and extracurricular activities that are available to students. There is a good social atmosphere at Marshall as well as a good learning environment which is most important. The teachers care about what they do and overall do a good job of teaching. One thing I would like to have seen more of would be a more personalized education. Rather than simply going through the curriculum, I would have liked to have learned more real world applications of things that go beyond the required curriculum. I was fortunate to have many teachers who did do this but many did not and I would like to have seen more of that. Overall, however, I had a very positive experience at Marshall Public Schools.
I liked how the teachers seemed to really care about the students. I however thought there was too much testing and focus on sports and the arts instead of education. There was no education based clubs that are advertised to the students.
Marshall high school is a school where they care about the students, the extracurricular activities, the learning, etc. I believe that Marshall high school is an amazing school and that if you're thinking on moving to Marshall Marshall public schools is the way to go.
Marshall high school was a home-felt environment for myself. Now that I am out of highschool, it is very difficult to look back and actually realize that high school is over. The feeling is very bittersweet. Due to the fact that, though I have finally graduated, I will still miss the moments my friends and I shared being there and how much the teachers were available to help us at the time of need. I really value how many days the teachers would stay after school for all of those hours to help and encourage us to get our work done.
My experience attending Milwaukee Marshall is great I like the way the teaching teach us step by step
I will like to see Our school have peer mediation where you can talk to the two peers that has an issue with each other. And We should have merits and demerits
Lots of opportunities for your education. The music program is phenomenal with lots of trips and opportunities. The teachers are very involved and funny. There are lots of opportunities for getting help after school.
I enjoy going to Marshall Public Schools quite a bit, I have been going there for many years now, and I have found that the Janitors are terrible, and the administration could ease up a bit and it would be better, but other than that it is wonderful!
Marshall is a great school! It has a very good music program and teachers dedicated to see their children succeed. The community is banded together to support every member. It is a great learning environment and a healthy place for child to grow.
My experience was very good, we had lots of opportunities at this school. There were about 8 AP classes we could take and it was very nice. We have a very strong music program which I am a part of. The only thing I would change is the attendance policy that says that the seniors can't walk at graduation if they miss more than 10 classes.
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