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Marshall Public School District Reviews

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The people seem friendly, but they aren't. They seem nice but they aren't. They will be nice to your face, but not show it or act that way otherwise. The coaches are the worst. they think they are better than everyone and are only out for themselves.
I really like how diverse our school is. We also have challenging courses that I believe, really prepare you for college.
Marshall Public School is a good because there are many different opportunities. They have many class choices and activities and clubs to participate in. Most of the teachers are always there to help when you need. One super nice thing about Marshall High School is the one hour lunch. It is easy to talk to teachers, do homework, or meet with your organizations. It has made the school years less stressful by having less homework to do at home. This is a great opportunity that has made high school easier.
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I think that the marshall school district is okay at best. The teachers are all somewhat arrogant and stupid. Marshall Public school district isn't that great. they need to update the way they teach and grade. I am glad to be graduating from the school so I don't have to deal with all of the bad teaching going on.
I believe Marshall High School has provided me various types of experiences. It has made me grow and flourish as a person in the academic and personal aspect.
The teachers are amazingly supportive!! The CIS and AP classes that are offered are taught by exceedingly qualified teachers, and this courses prepare student for their academic future.
I love it here! I am eternally grateful to Marshall Public Schools for giving me the preparation and tools to succeed throughout college and beyond. The teachers and students are great, and the classes are challenging. I feel like I can take on the world thanks to Marshall Public Schools.
The Marshall Public Schools District is a very family friendly environment. The staff are very educated in the field that they teach and are there to see that the students are successful in everything they do.
My experience with the Marshall Public School District was excellent. The teachers care about each and every student. Everyone who works within the district wants each student to one day graduate from Marshall High School and attend a college of some kind. I would probably change how college ready students are. Students need to know what's in store for them once they graduate high school and how to handle it.
I love going to Marshall high school. There are teachers there that change your view of the world on a daily basis. I feel super comfortable around my peers whether that be giving speeches, working in groups, or presenting new ideas at activities. I wouldn't change schools if I wanted to.
I attended Marshall Public Schools before moving in 7th grade and I really liked the teachers, classes, and buildings. I especially liked band, orchestra, and choir.
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