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They really didn't get the student's college ready. The students have to mostly get ready own their own if they want to get to their dream college. They'll help only when your very dedicated to achieve those goals.
I like Marshall High it’s a great school it’s a great place to go for an education and the teachers really care.
The teachers were very nice at the high school but we never focused on the main topics we needed to focus on for the staar test. We ended up having very low tests scores. I would Like to see the teachers and the school prepare more for the tests so that students can graduate and only have to take the test one time.
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I liked that i made a bunch of friends. But i would definitely change how they regulate everything. Some of the teachers aren’t good enough and other just don’t know how to handle the students.
Marshall High School needs better teachers & a better school. The principals don’t do much to stop problems their seems to be a lot of problems everyday. I wouldn’t recommend no one to come here unless they are smart and want to be top 10%. Students need to like to come to school and learn but there’a way too many distractions going everywhere.
I loved the environment I always grew up in. I always meet very interesting and smart people. I would like to see of the kids take action and be more interested in their learning.
Marshall High is a pretty great school. People believe that it is horrible but truthfully what occurs at our school occurs at any other. What I would like to change is how people view it and their opinions on it if they were to give it a chance they'd realize how great it truly is despite what many believe.
The school could have helped students get scholarships to college. No one offered and no one helped. This is a poverty stricken little town and the student's do not know what resources are available so that college is a choice. Most graduate and start working because they can not afford college.
hello, I have attended this school for many many years and loved it there a lot of room for improvement which they are working on highly recommend.
I went to Marshall ISD fro 6th grade My aunt was a teacher there. I enjoyed the time I spent going to school there. I truly loved my English and Art teacher.
Marshall is a school that is well diverse in culture. There won't just be one ethnicity you find. Some teachers are very good and at times others not so much. If your looking to get ready for college avid, ISM, and senior seminar would be the best way to go.
Marshall High school is an average school they could do better if they offered better programs for their students. I love the ready set teach and AVID program. The school should really improve their security.
If you take Pre-AP or Ap courses the learning experience is good. I really like that I got 18 hours of college out of the way due to MavU.
I liked or like the fact that i can actually graduate. my experience here is very great. i love the programs here. they include afjrotc, avid, graphic design, and many more. i really am having a great time here.
I overall enjoyed being a MISD student. I had ups and downs but I was blessed with teachers that cared to help me out. Granted the teachers I had have moved on from teaching but I still have faith in the school's system that they know how to hire good people to replace the bad.
Well this year I am a freshman, so far my experience has been good, I met new friends. Marshall has some great teachers who challenges the students to go over their comfort zone, which I think is a good thing.
I like the fact that most teachers have the time and patience to spend some one on one time with their students. I also enjoy being able to take the classes that I love to have, though I wish that there was more time during lunchtime to eat and enjoy time with friends.
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I loved attending school at Marshall ISD. So many people have such a negative attitude towards it because they are closed-minded and don't believe that there is change happening in our community. Despite the fact that we may not have the best test scores or the nicest facilities, there are still great teachers working hard that made me into the person I am today. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be able to go to school in Marshall because it is a great place filled with great people.
The one thing I like about Marshall Independent School District is that the students have the opportunity to do everything we need to get into college and get the education you need. One thing that I do wish that MISD would change is how they organize their school system.
My favorite thing about school was theater. I enjoyed theater in junior high and high school. It was fun, and my teacher was very helpful. With his help and guidance, I was approved for a full scholarship to Panola Junior College through their theater department. What I would change is the lack of interest of other teachers. I was a straight A student who often got in trouble out of boredom. My teachers would get irritated with me instead of trying to present me with more challenging school work.
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