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I don’t think that the curriculum or the classes really help to prepare a student for college courses. The work is not very difficult, and some of the teachers have a difficult time to get their point across and to teach the content in a way that is easily understood. I wish there were more options for classes. A lot of classes that I desire to take are only offered online.
It is great to have small schools! I love my school. Teachers are teaching multiple subjects, which may cause stress, which is not good mixed with a bunch of loud highschoolers. The books are very old and teachers are teaching the same thing each year.
I'd Love to see a recycling program and better use of waste within the entire school system. Also, better voices in the administration would be amazing.
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My experience in the Marshall County School System is alright could have been better with the teachings, sports, and the transportation for the kids and i to get on the bus. For example at one of the schools i had to attend to you would get an A for a grade and then understand the lessons; why would you want a grade for something you don't understand. We could have other sports in the elementary and middle beside the ones we alright have. The transportation not to be pack on the bus when you don't have other drivers for the bus and cameras too.
Can improve the school by teaching the students, making sure they learned something, and not just give them a grade just for not learning anything. Sports will be useful to younger generations in the schools can them things to do and stay out of trouble. The transportation situation can be resolved by getting more drivers, give the buses to the school that needs them, and cameras to prevent things from happening on the bus like bullying.
My involvement with the Marshall County School system has been nothing but pleasant. While my school in particular could use more club and class options, the teachers are mostly very nice and interactive with the students.
Marshall county is small but exciting. It's a small town with a lot of things to experience and learn from. There are church clean ups and tons of animal shelters to help at. The community it helpful just very small.
I would like to see more "life skills" taught in school. Also, to put more emphasis on learning a "trade"
It is a great school that cares about it's students education and safety. Marshall County School's are such a good school system because they listen to what the students are saying to make sure they are doing the right thing.
Marshall County Schools offer excellent learning facilities that allow students to learn efficiently and at their own pace ensuring that all students are constantly learning something. The faculty members do outstanding jobs mentoring students and offering emotional aid if possible. The Marshall County staff always goes above and beyond their expectations in order to ensure that all students are cared for and know their worth. Marshall County teachers always provides a positive outlook in the classroom and constantly encourage students to try their best and to reach their goals. The only problem with Marshall County Schools is that athletics seem to be more important than education. Athletics are important, but if academics were looked upon as highly as athletics students would try harder in the classroom.
The teachers are really helpful, and will work anyway they can to get you where you wanna go. I would change how the teachers go about the college experience. A lot of the seniors struggle with where they wanna go and what they wanna do, I would try to encorarate a way for juniors to be interested in college and what they they wanna do. Try and get scholarships then, so it won't be so overwhelming when the time comes for college deadlines.
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