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I grew up in the Marshall County School district from elementary school through to High school. A lot of the teachers were great, some not so much but I had a lot f help going through school. I found my passion for music through some of these teachers and I have so many teachers to thank for getting me through to wear I am now.
Would like to see as much excitement, energy, and funds put into things other than just sports, football in particular. The Arts are always discredited and under appreciated. Not all students are sports minded and enjoy expressing their talents, creativity, and school pride in other forms. Unfortunately, MCHS is mostly focused on sports, and I feel that some of that focus should be shared among the students other activities
I like that marshall county high school is a close small town family. We have a great academic program and great sports program too!
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As a senior in high school, there have been many ups and downs on my journey throughout it. I've taken the hardest classes offered. I've been involved in almost every club that we have. I've kept up with the fun activities that we engage in such as sporting events, club sponsored events, and any other exciting thing going on at MCHS. The stress of the rigor can be very demanding, but every teacher, administrator, and staff member puts our well-being above everything else. They have done an excellent job at making our high school career preparatory for college while also making it exciting and fun. I know that I've made lifelong friends here, and I am so excited for what the future holds because of the confidence that MCHS has given me these four years!
I loved the Marshall County School District. I started in Kindergarten and graduated high school through the district. I love how sports oriented the community is and how much everyone supports one another.
Marshall County School system is a very happy and friendly environment! Most of the staff who work for the Marshal County School system are finominal people and great to work with! The teachers treat you like you are family and make sure you learn everything you should know! Sports. Sports are always very important! Seeing all of the school board memebers and all of the community, peers and faculty at the school come support the players is amazing! It's like one big family!
Ive had a wonderful experience at marshall county school district. The environment is so loving and welcoming. Ive lived here my whole life and feel as if im connected with the whole community and school system
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