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The education system is slowly becoming modernized, but the current system is keeping Marshall County from being one of the top public schools in the state.
I would like to see more community outreach done by our school. I would also like the school to start preparing the students for college or a career pathway earlier on in their high school experience.
I have made so many friends over the years, but at the same time, I've been bullied so much. These schools dont care whether you're getting bullied or not, yet the the teachers are amazing.
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I have attended Marshall county High school for the past four years. I have experienced many good and bad things. Personally I love the teachers, and the academics. I have managed to maintain a 4.1 GPA for my junior and senior years.
Excellent academics and innovative programs for students so students succeed.
Great teachers. Advisors, Superintendents etc.
Excellent sports diversity ..great basketball, football, lady's basketball,
Archery team, bike teams.
Community service OPPORTUNITIES
Its a Wonderful environment for learning but is definitely skewed to favor specific types of students. In the future I'd like to see this changed. The teachers and faculty are very inderstanding and cooperative. The student body is not diverse in the slightest and not very invigorating as whole. The facilities are top notch with an excellent custodial staff to keep up with them. The food is not the best but also not the worst so cant complain. All and all I highly recommend this school system.
I love the closeness of my school as well as the leadership of our principal. She really shows how much she cares about us and I feel like our school is a tightly knit community.
The students and facility work well together and allow for a great learning environment. Classes available to the students are amazing in getting everyone down the path that they choose for their future. Guidance councilors are always ready to help you look at your future and often bring in recruiters from colleges to help students get an idea of where they might like to go and always keep students up to date on things they may not know.
The Faculty and Staff care about the students. Each TEACHER and STAFF care, have shown personal interest in their students. The Board of Education on the other hand, could not care less about their students. On January 23rd 2018, our lives changed forever. We went through a school shooting. Many students have complained with the uprise of shootings, that we should increase our school security and the teachers agreed. the Board did not.
It was a wonderful school full. The staff was incredibly nice and helpful when it came to anything school related or not. The students in the school are all extremely cooperative and make the experience like its a giant family that you are apart of. The sports may not be the best, but the support for them may the be the best in the state.
My favorite thing about Marshall school districts was how much the teachers cared about each and every student. There was never a teacher that didn’t feel like family. You were treated with respect always 100 percent of the time. Another great part about the school was the athletics. We had a pep club that was always in evolvement with each sport. Marshall will have have a pre-game super and all the kids in the club bring food and some of the boys grilled. It was always fun no matter a win or loss. Something I’d like to see change is the safety aspect.
Marshall County High School is a pretty good school. For the most part teachers and staff are nice, however there are a few teachers that discriminate. Our classes are ok, but we have not been academically focused since the school shooting. I want to score well on my ACT so I wish we focused more on that. I am hoping next year will be better for our school.

We have several after school activities for students to be involved in. There is something for everyone. I would recommend my school to others.
I had a really good time going to school here. I liked that they offered so many different programs to start you off in a career or in college.
I had a decent experience in Marshall County schools, except the school shooting that happened here this past January. They have increased security and are planning on increasing security more since then.
The school system in a tight knit community with a smaller population. Faculty and staff were friendly. It was easy to become familiar with all of the faculty after a short time of being in the schools. This community has a diverse style but it is obvious that it is a southern community.
All of my teachers have been wonderful and very willing to help me. They are personal with every student, they want to help us. They can even tell if we are having a bad day and try to help as much as possible! Here recently, we have had a tragic thing happen to us in our high school. Everyone in the community including teachers, parents, and administrators, have really stepped up to show us support. Our principle let support dogs come and visit us! Our teachers were very patient with us students, and gave us what we needed to thrive in this difficult time.
We have the most caring and protective teachers. During our recent school shooting , our teachers risked their lives to keep us safe. They have shown us that we are #marshallstrong in recovering from this tragic incident.
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Marshall county is a great atmosphere to be involved in. The location of the school makes it very convenient and accessible for all people.
Marshall County is a school full of teachers and staff trying to better each and every student. Although the diversity is limited there is still chance for growth. It is a highly recommended school for children that want a comfortable learning experience
I liked the one on one attention that my child received all the way through high school. I liked that I always felt as if my child was safe while in school. The food is horrible! My child and my child's friends all say the same thing. The food could be improved upon.
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