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Marsh Valley Joint School District Reviews

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Marsh Valley is a very friendly school. I enjoyed my three years there. The sports program is very competitive but the coaches, other players and administration all support and encourage student athletes to excel on and off the court. The community is small and very tight nit, however, they are very accepting to all new comers to the community. Marsh Valley is a great place to live and go to school.
Marsh Valley High School is an excellent school to attend. Many people may underestimate it, but the children get the one on one learning experience they need to develop the skills to become a hard-working adult. Since the school is composed of less than 500 students, teachers and coaches are personally involved in everyday activities. This makes it easier for the student to feel less stress. Also, there is no school on Fridays which makes it easier for students to finish homework, increase social skills, and get involved with sports or out of school clubs. Everyone involved feels welcomed and enjoys this marvelous school.
I would like for Marsh Valley to unite and stop all the nonsense that does not need to happen. I would like to see my peers make better decisions than they have been making. I would also like to see more school spirit in everything we do. The students need to participate more, become more involved!
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Marsh Valley has a feel that is all it's own. The small town feel is quite nice. With the small student population, it's easy to get to know everyone in your school. Although the school seems in the middle of nowhere, it really is a central location to all the areas it serves. It is, however, a poor school, and therefore doesn't have the best of anything.
Exactly what you would imagine a school in rural Southeast Idaho to be like. Definitely needs more funding for college readiness and increasing the quality of their classes. Like many schools, it's just a school atmosphere more focused of sports. Was being generous with the 3 stars, but a good art teacher I had swung my vote up a bit.
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