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My experience at Mars was really unforgettable. All of the teachers are really amazing and so is the environment. It was easy to make friends and easy to maintain good grades. I am blessed to have had such a good school experience.
My experiences with Mars Area Highschool we’re both good and bad, just like any other highschool student.
Mars Area School District provided me with all the core classes and materials that I needed for my first couple years of undergraduate studies in college. It has a variety of extracurricular clubs for students to participate in. On the other hand, it could work on integrating more classes to prepare students for specific fields of study as well as more Advanced Placement and/or College in High School Courses to give students the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school.
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i have went to mars as a student and the school was trash, i was constantly getting bullied, the kids will pick fights with you, bully you, and neglect to even look at you unless you have something they can benefit from
the teachers are also rude, there was 1 teacher that shoved a student into a desk, and the administration did nothing.
I really enjoyed my years at Mars Area School District. The staff was really helpful and well educated.
never felt safe or fit in at this school. Teachers dont care about students and peple can be very over ruling.Always lots of bulling and rude secretary.
Small school district in suburb of Pittsburgh. Safe area. Lot of opportunities in sports and clubs. Teachers connect with their students. A lot of parental involvement in the school and community. Good test scores. Many courses focus on STEM which is great, however would like to have more options in other areas of interests. Limited courses in history, communications, etc.
Many of the teachers are PHENOMENAL!! hey will bend over backwards to help you outwith your studies and with your future. What needs to be improved is available resources for kids that are not attending a regular 4 year college. "Some" of the counselors will go overboard if you're a traditional 4 year person, but do little if you are not.
Mars is a growing school district and it is not difficult to find why this is. Mars has something for everyone no matter there interests. With many extracurriculars, it is very easy to get involved in the community. Our academics are also stellar being voted a blue ribbon school just last year. As a Senior I feel as though my teachers have indeed prepared me for college and I am excited to see what the future holds. Mars has really opened me up to a world of possibilities and for that I am grateful.
Mars Area School District has very good academics and teachers and it continues to get better each year. The District offers many Advanced classes as well as Advanced Placement courses and College Within the High School courses. The administrative staff is very approachable and knowledgable. The parent involvement, especially at the primary and elementary levels is tremendous. We have been in the school district for 12 years and are extremely pleased with the education that our children are receiving. The school district is located in a very safe area- voted the one of the safest areas in the country. Some of the areas that have shown growth in the past few years are the diversity of the students and the special education program. Class sizes are reasonable, approximately 20-22 students per class with graduating classes of approximately 240 students per year. I would, without hesitation, recommend the Mars Area School District.
STEM programming at the high school level is in need of updating, limited AP courses offered. Football is well supported, most of the other sports are not well supported. Mostly caucasian/conservative student population.
There was a comment about the district only caring about testing. That's totally true. They do not care about the kids learning. The teachers are not available to give extra help. Punching the clock. They will deny your kid needs extra help. They just need to work harder according to the counselor. It's a very good school if your kid is an average student. Anything extra is a major inconvience to them. I never felt like they cared about my kid at all.
I truly enjoy my time at Mars High. I think that all of the faculty are very good at what they do. I feel safe and comfortable at my school. I enjoy all of the extracurricular activities as well as the time spent in the classroom.
I went to Mars my entire life. the school is great up until the middle school and high school level. even as a very social person, it was very difficult to make friends. i felt extremely isolated, the students here are not willing to let other people into their friend groups. the one reason i give this school a poor score instead of a terrible score is because of the faculty. quite frankly, they showed me more kindness than my peers. I thought all of my teachers were fantastic, and i even grew close with a few of them. not only did they care about my grades, but about also about my wellbeing. the teachers at this school, except for one that i will not name, are amazing. the faculty, including the secretaries helped me through high school so much. if it wasn’t for them, i would’ve just did cyber.
I believe that the teachers are very good at what they are supposed to do. They are very kind and teach the students the information needed very well. There are many teachers in that school district that get very involved with the school and the after school activities. I really liked how the coaches for every sport was a teacher that I would pass in the hall or be able to talk to while I have them for one of my classes. Something that does need to be changed in that school is the ability of them helping you with information for going to college and the amount of bullying in the school. When you report it to the principles, they never seem to get it solved. The administration seems to have favorites, based off of parents that they are friends with or students that succeed in sports. The counselors never told us about financial help or how to apply. It was so bad that I now cannot get a loan for college and may not be able to attend because I was unaware of how loans work.
The school lacks many clubs and activities that kids would love to see. The administration is solid, however, many teachers are not there for the students.
Great school. I had the best experience with other students, teachers, and the general feeling of being well taken care of. The sporting events were great to go to, and the food at the school was awesome as well.
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Mars has some teachers and counselors that care. The administration is rude. Whenever your kid is having difficulties, it's your fault as a parent. Getting any additional help for your kid is a hassle for them. All the tax money coming in must be used for bonuses for the administration. It sure as hell isn't being used on the students. My kid's favorite teacher left the district. She made thinly veiled comments that her bosses only care about the bottom line. Never helping kids or teachers.
Mars Area High School is a great place to explore your education options. They are very well at prepping students for college and later on processes in our lives.
It is my first year at mars and i love it! It offers a wide variety of clubs and provides many opportunities for each student.
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