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I went to Mars my entire life. the school is great up until the middle school and high school level. even as a very social person, it was very difficult to make friends. i felt extremely isolated, the students here are not willing to let other people into their friend groups. the one reason i give this school a poor score instead of a terrible score is because of the faculty. quite frankly, they showed me more kindness than my peers. I thought all of my teachers were fantastic, and i even grew close with a few of them. not only did they care about my grades, but about also about my wellbeing. the teachers at this school, except for one that i will not name, are amazing. the faculty, including the secretaries helped me through high school so much. if it wasn’t for them, i would’ve just did cyber.
I believe that the teachers are very good at what they are supposed to do. They are very kind and teach the students the information needed very well. There are many teachers in that school district that get very involved with the school and the after school activities. I really liked how the coaches for every sport was a teacher that I would pass in the hall or be able to talk to while I have them for one of my classes. Something that does need to be changed in that school is the ability of them helping you with information for going to college and the amount of bullying in the school. When you report it to the principles, they never seem to get it solved. The administration seems to have favorites, based off of parents that they are friends with or students that succeed in sports. The counselors never told us about financial help or how to apply. It was so bad that I now cannot get a loan for college and may not be able to attend because I was unaware of how loans work.
The school lacks many clubs and activities that kids would love to see. The administration is solid, however, many teachers are not there for the students.
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Great school. I had the best experience with other students, teachers, and the general feeling of being well taken care of. The sporting events were great to go to, and the food at the school was awesome as well.
Mars has some teachers and counselors that care. The administration is rude. Whenever your kid is having difficulties, it's your fault as a parent. Getting any additional help for your kid is a hassle for them. All the tax money coming in must be used for bonuses for the administration. It sure as hell isn't being used on the students. My kid's favorite teacher left the district. She made thinly veiled comments that her bosses only care about the bottom line. Never helping kids or teachers.
Mars Area High School is a great place to explore your education options. They are very well at prepping students for college and later on processes in our lives.
It is my first year at mars and i love it! It offers a wide variety of clubs and provides many opportunities for each student.
The Mars Area School District is a great place for kids to grow up in. The teachers are great and most of them don't treat you like a student, but as a learner. There are plenty of A.P. and CHS courses offered, but they should have more choices like A.P. Psychology and A.P. Government. The schools are very safe with the middle and high school having metal detectors at the entrances and security clearances required for volunteers. Diversity is very minimal, but it is a suburb of Pittsburgh so it is not quite unexpected. Overall, Mars is a school that performs competitively and at almost equal levels when ranked against other, larger districts in the area like Seneca Valley and North Allegheny.
School counselors are great. Majority of teachers are enthusiastic and truly interested in the success of students. The high school could use more support staff such as tutors.
At Mars, the sports were a large focus and involvement in them was very rewarding. Most of the staff members, including guidance counselors, were amazing. On the other end, I would like to see a friendlier environment.
The school is a very safe place. They offer a variety of courses that fits each individual's wants. Mars High School also has a very diverse and broad set of activities and clubs to join.
It's an okay school. A majority of the teachers don't know how to teach and I feel automatically behind for college.
Mars school district is growing in the positive direction. The teaching curriculum will challenge students in a fun and creative way. The district has many extra curricular activities that are offered.
Mars Area School District is located in a family friendly, safe environment. There are lots of clubs, activities, and sports to be a part of. Academics are encouraged by teachers and students are pushed and supported.
It was a good school! They prepared me for my future plans and made sure the gave me what they could to be prepared. Its a very cooperative environment between the students and teachers. I enjoyed my time as a Mars student.
My guidance counselor was very negative and did not help when the time came to look for colleges. He was very rude and only helped certain students
I love how friendly the teachers are and how the facilities are kept up to date. However, i would like to see more disciplinary action taken seriously to misbehaving students.
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Mars teachers are excellent but they do not prepare you for the real world just to pass state tests.
I have so far enjoyed my experience at Mars Area Highschool. I like it because it is a smaller district, so you get to know many of the students. The teachers I've had care about the kids and push the students to succeed. On the other side of it being a small school, there are not as many class choices and opportunities that a larger district might offer.
I moved here at the start of my sophomore year and it was a rocky start, but after a few years here I've found my place.
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