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The school district seems to genuinely care about students. It is not very diverse and doesn't seem to teach a lot of life skills.
Small town but good opportunities. Sports can be clichy but the do well. They talk about "no child left behind" and i believe they try but still have along way to go. It would be nice to figure somehting out the kids could learn at their own speed (I have children that span the spectrum).
Marquette Area Public Schools thrives because of the loving and passionate teachers along with the work ethic of the students. My experience, without a doubt, has not been a breeze. The schools could work on having stronger, more authoritative administrators. Sometimes I feel unheard in the system. But the teachers are golden. Other than that, this district breeds passion and excitement.
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The teachers are very supportive and care about how you are doing in school and how you are as a person
I have enjoyed my years at Marquette Senior High School. I take pride in my school as we have amazing teachers and academics. I feel that my high school has prepared me for college, and I am excited for all it has to offer!
Wonderful faculty and community surrounding the school. I have loved my experience with the Marquette Area Public Schools.
Good schools, always room for improvement. Out side of the box kids have a harder time. Not enough challenge in younger grades for children that excell. Finding a way to end cliches in school would be amazing!!!
I loved going to school in Marquette. Everyone is nice for the most part but alot of people suffer from small town syndrome and can't keep the drama on the down low. Oh well that's life I guess. The teachers at the schools here all really care and are there to help a student if they are really trying. The emergence of the Alternative school is honestly a godsend for some students who don't learn the same way the "system" wants your too.
I have enjoyed spending the last four years of my life as a student at MSHS. I love all my teachers and the staff at the school. There is not a lot of diversity in the school but this is due to the location. The Marquette community does not have a lot of diversity and the school is just a reflection of that.
Great education and teachers. Offers a variety of clubs and activities to make high school enjoyable.
Attending MAPS my whole life was always a good experience. The teachers and staff have always been really willing to help. They really want the best for their students and the students future.
Marquette Senior High School in particular as roughly around 10 different AP classes to prepare us for college set classes. We also have a wonder music program with amazing teachers. Our high school also parts with Northern Michigan University for dual enrollment.
It is the best school system in the area. I had exhausted nearly all of my academic options, but the extracurriculars were great.
Marquette Area Public Schools may bot be the largest district but because of that we are a close knit community making school a better place to go to. The smaller classroom sizes make it easier to have some one on one time with my teachers. Also at MAPS we are offered many art and music programs that a lot of schools do not have, making it easier for kids to follow there passions and figure out who they are as people.
Marquette Area Public Schools is a great place to attend because the all of the staff care about the students and do a great job preparing students for college. I would like to see more AP classes offered for students.
I have lived in Marquette for almost all of my life and have been in Marquette Area Public Schools from Kindergarten to twelve grade. I always loved all of my teachers and I believed that the way most of the teachers taught helped me understand the material very well. Marquette is a beautiful place with so many nice people but very little diversity. There tends to be more "cliques" at these schools but I never really had trouble making friends and getting along with everyone as a whole community.
As a Sophomore at Marquette Senior High School, I can truly say that I have enjoyed my first two years of school here. My peers work extremely hard to make positive differences in the school and the world. I have never seen a student body with more school spirit and drive than at MSHS. The athletics program ensures that there are sports offered for everyone, and the classes challenge those who need it, but are also accommodated for those who are not as academically inclined. High school has brought me many opportunities to get involved with extracurricular activities and interact with new people. Marquette Senior High School has been full of fun learning experiences.
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Being a High School Senior at Marquette Area Public Schools (MAPS), I would have to say that my overall experience in the district was successful. MAPS has an excellent team of guidance counselors that help put students into classes with teachers that best match their learning style. This district was able to provide me an education that goes above and beyond what most districts within Michigan's Upper Peninsula could ever hope to provide. However when it comes to the schools within the district, I feel that some work needs to be done. Many of the elementary schools are fairly new, however, the buildings for grades 4-12 are becoming old and are losing their integrity. Also the High School parking lot does not have enough spaces for all of its students. Overall I have had a great experience within the Marquette Area Public School District and feel well prepared for college.
Marquette Senior High School was known for being the Redmen for many years. Recently, it was changed to the M because of offensive reasons. Here at MSHS we are big into sports. We just got the football field redone with new turf. I am on the Varsity Dance Team here at MSHS. I enjoy being a part of a team it allowed me to make many new friends. Our homecoming weeks are never a letdown. All of our students really enjoys those weeks. If I could change something about my school it would probably be the class avalible to us. I wish we had more AP options.
Very good teaching staff, teachers treated poorly. Enjoyed my experience and learned a lot. Loved the sports and coaches. Lots of fun clubs to join.
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