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Marple Newtown School District Reviews

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The teachers are excellent, caring, and most of them will go above and beyond to enable their students to succeed.
Overall it was a good experience. I enjoyed the teachers. I felt that they cared about my success but felt the math was not rigorous enough to prepare me for college. I am a current engineering student.
Marple Newtown is a great school and is in a good school district! The teachers are very welcoming towards the students,
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I’m going to be a junior and let me tell you , the school aspect is not bad at marple and it’s pretty easy to follow. But the kids who go there are rude and mean and not welcoming especially in my grade. I have to eat lunch in the library and sit at pep rally’s alone because no one wants to be my friend. Wish i could switch schools i strongly dislike this school
This school district has great teachers who really know what they are doing. The school is also quite diverse.
What should change is how they go about bullying and disapline for it. They aren’t strict enough in punishing bad behavior. You can get away with a lot and it’s not okay. That’s what needs to change about Marple Newtown School District
I enjoy being a student at MNHS because of the nice sense of community that the school thrives on. The teachers, security guards, secretaries, and etc. are very welcoming and helpful. It's a great place to be :)
The teachers are for the most part very supportive of their students throughout academic and other struggles. Most of them are happy to help and take time before or after school to create better understanding. The cafeteria staff has improved as with the food.
My experience at Marple Newtown was fantastic. I thrived in the athletics and large choice of extra curricular activities. I highly recommend this high school.
Marple is a great school with great group of teachers that prepare students not for college but for life. It’s a beautiful school and a great place to grow.
Marple Newtown offers a wide range of courses & really helped my daughter focus on her interests. The art program was great and really prepared her well for her design major.
Marple Newtown High School has many opportunities of meeting new people and getting new experiences about certain activities.
I really do love MN. The school itself is so nice. It has a beautiful new turf field, a very nice basketball court, perfect weight room, and an outstanding auditorium. Any type of student can excel at Marple. The band has dominated competitions over the past couple of years and almost all of the sports teams are competitive, with a lot of them making playoffs. The teachers are very nice you can learn a lot from them.
My freshman year of high school was overwhelming but the awesome staff made it easy to adjust to a different environment. My sophomore year was quite more challenging health wise. I was diagnosed with LCH a very rare medical condition in which I had to go through chemo therapy five days a week for eleven months . I loved how the staff came together to help have a successful year! My junior and senior year were much more enjoyable. Having an incredible staff of teachers and counselors allowed me to be successfully .
I was able to get into the college of my choice which is West Chester University
The diversity of the school and the opportunities to excel in academics and sports allowed me to enjoy my time spent with other students.
Overall, Marple is a great school to go to but it has its quirks. There isn't much school spirit and not much enthusiasm for learning, but many of the teachers really make an effort to connect with their students and ensure that they're achieving their goals.
I transferred into the district my sophomore year of high school and I was so nervous. I was worried I wouldn't make friends and use this change as an excuse to fall behind in class. Thankfully, I met great friends right away and the teachers always helped me if i needed it to make sure I was always on top of my work. I can't imagine going to school anywhere else!
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I was a student at Marple Newtown High school for all 4 years of my high school career, and I loved it! The teachers are very involved, and there are so many resources available to you. Copious amounts of computers and books. There are also so many after school activities and clubs. The teachers try their best to prepare you for college, and also offer AP and honors classes to take. I overall loved Marple, great atmosphere with no uniforms or academic pressure. The teachers really care about your education, which is why my class did so well! I wish most high schools were like this!
While overall the school is a good one, I believe the counselors are what make a difference to the student body. Decent drama program & music program (both choir & band/orchestra).
Marple is an awesome school district. I went to Worrall elementary and I can safely say I still feel like family there. The Middle school was my least favorite, as the teachers are a bit uptight sometimes. The high school is amazing. There are so many things to get involved in and the school spirit is thriving. I wouldn't trade districts for the world. There are so many great people who devote their time to educating the new generation of workers.
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