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Marmaduke School District Reviews

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This school brought me my friends that I will have for a lifetime and it is where I had some of my greatest achievements in life so far. I was able to work for the school for the last three years of high school and also the summer after I graduated. I was also able to connect with my teachers and administration, because of this I found my school as a safe environment and was able to perform better acedemically.
I haven't been at this school long, but I wish I had found it sooner! Even when you're new, it doesn't take long for everyone to know everybody else. It's perfect for people who don't really enjoy too large of a crowd, but still wish to be included in things.
It has been great to go to this school. The faculty really cares about the students. Marmaduke has so many clubs and organizations to join. It gets you ready for college.
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I love the relationships that each student and teacher has in Marmaduke High School. Each teacher is prepared to help and guide no matter the problem. I have enjoyed my time at Marmaduke greatly and cannot imagine going elsewhere. Every person is friendly and helpful.
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