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I enjoy Marlow High for many reasons, but if I had to choose just one I would say how Christian-based the school and community is for the most part. I am very faith-based, so I believe having Christ involved in the "scary" high school experience helped me a lot.
Marlow is a wonderful school filled with wonderful people. The love that teachers have for their jobs here is amazing and no other school can compare. However, Marlow’s biggest weakness is the lack of diversity due to this school’s location in a small town. Marlow would benefit from a large variety of different kinds of people here. Still, if you’re looking to attend a school, Marlow is a great option.
My experience at Marlow has been pretty great. The people in the community, the students, and the school staff are absolutely amazing. Marlow was really a great place to grow up.
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Marlow is very friendly, family oriented. The staff goes beyond to help each student excel in their education. The school grounds are very well maintained. This is home away from home. The Academics this school has is tremendous. They prepare you for your future.
The teachers don't treat you equally unless your family is a prominent member of the church community
I have been very pleased with the Marlow Public School system. My child is in the Pre-Kindergarten program and I can not wait to see what else Marlow Public School has to offer when he is older. His teacher is very great with all of the students in her class, does not single anyone out. Can tell it is a very pleasant place to work.
I love Marlow! Everyone has great school spirit and the teachers are very attentive and organized! The students are very respectful and very involved!
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