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The teachers were always caring. I felt at home when I was at school. I received an exceptional education during my time.
Marlington was a home to me. The faculty are amazing teachers and people. While my education experience may have been better at a larger school in a better area, I am happy with the experience I received. My education prepared me for college and made me into the person I am today.
The teachers really care about their students. They work with the students to make sure they understand the material. The district as a whole cares about their students, staff, community. They work together with the community to do what is best for all students.
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I would like to see the amount of politics change in the district. Whatever you do to help the school out financially gets your student better treatment and is what is tearing the district down.
Marlington is a small community with great families. For a small high school, there are a number of opportunities for students to get involved in excellent sports and activities and there are a number of college credit plus options available.
It is an older school where sports and STEM are given more money then arts and the teachers aren’t paid enough.
I loved being a part of a small community where everyone knew and cared about each other. I enjoyed knowing the names of all the people at my school rather than not knowing most of the students at my school like many other large schools. It was easier to feel at home in a school where I knew everyone and felt that the administration cared about each individual student. However, the Marlington buildings, particularly the high school are very run down and old. They are not updated and are lacking a lot of aspects that many students would consider necessary, such as air conditioning.
Something that I about Marlington is our teachers and how they will help others no matter what. Something that I could see change is to have Marlington closer as a community.
Marlington is a excellent school for academics and inclusion. The buildings are old and the district is going through changes due to this, but the community is strong and family oriented.
This school district used to be great and I loved school, now I hate school. Homework is fine, unlike other schools but I feel like many people who do amazing things don't get recognization they deserve. There aren't many club options, and school rules are very strict. No, we don't have school uniforms but there are many ridiculous rules that are overall stupid. The food is terrible for many people and not many choices for vegetarians. And in every school, you can get punished for something you didn't do. This is common for most schools however. For example, if you are in a group and your group is talking when they shouldn't be, INSTANT PUNISHMENT! Like, they need to get themselves together.
We need more community involvement. Our school needs maintenance upgrades, and no one will approve them.
At my school, I have liked many of my teachers, especially those that are willing to go the extra mile for their students. As with anything, I think that Marlington High School can be improved with better communication and investing in valuable staff members.
It is a really good school, but the facilities and food could be better. The language teachers are amazing, and the robotics and art teachers are fantastic.
My school has great teachers that pushed me to do my best everyday. The district offers many options for honors, AP and CCP classes. This pushed me past my boundaries and forced me to go beyond what I thought was possible. Now I am going into my freshman year of college with more than a semester already completed.
The teachers really care about you and make sure that you are on track to graduate. The program for the incoming freshman might be cheesy, but I think it helps freshman be less nervous on the first day of school. I really wish there was a bigger art room or some more hands on classes.
The teachers are all nice and truly want to see their students succeed. The buildings in the district themselves are all older and could use renovation. I was involved with a lot at marlington, especially in high school. All of my experiences has made me a more well-rounded individual and made school more enjoyable. Being a small town country school, diversity is not really there but I feel like everyone was close to each other on some level, at least in my day.
Marlington has very outdated buildings, and while the teachers and staff are good, the facilities are not conducive to learning.
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Marlington local school district is a pretty decent school. Personally, I've enjoyed it for the past 4 years, however, not everything in the building is really up to date. They are trying to improve the school in different ways and it's all really a work in progress. Many of the teachers are also very nice, some are funny, it all really depends on the classes your taking and who you get.
There is a lot of spirit in my school. We have a great football team so there was always something to celebrate! The teachers and staff are fantastic too! They never wanted to see a student left behind and would do anything they could to help you get through.
I liked that this school district was community orientated. I would change however the stigma that teachers portray to children whose parents did not go to Marlington because they treated them like outsiders, unless their child was exceptional at sports or came from money.
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