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Being an athlete at Marlin (ISD) made my experience wonderful. Marlin was known for sports, being ghetto, and always fighting if we lost a game. Schools used to be scared to play us in all sports, not because of the fighting, but because of the sports, we dominated in everything we did. My experience is a once in a lifetime, not too many people make it out, so you have to step up and do what's best for you, knowing your decisions will affect everyone. What I like most about my school is that we all came closer the more things looked completely out our favor and I think that's the first step of becoming a great school, and one thing I would love to see change is all the negativity my school faces by other schools, other people, even our own people who show hatred in the city, the hatred seems to never stop wherever you go.
What I liked about Marlin independent School District is that its a very diverse school and allows students to grow.
I’ve been in the Marlin School District all of my life and it has been a great 12 years. The administration has greatly changed in an unpleasant way but the teachers are still amazing and truly want the kids to learn!
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I attended Marlin High School from sophomore year until I graduated as a senior in June of 2015. The school district is widely known in the Central Texas area for consistently performing poorly academically, and
Marlin High School is a good place to learn and become a better person. My experience at Marlin High was great for me the teachers truly care about your well being and become personal with you. The best thing is that since Marlin is such a small town you can always get one on one help with your teachers unlike larger schools. This makes it easier for me to learn and concentrate on school. Also while playing sports they compete extremely hard and play their hearts out. My experience at Marlin high school was awesome and I wouldn't give it up for anything.
I like how the teachers are always there to help no matter what the situations may be. The teachers actually take the time out to ensure that you are getting an equal opportunity at an education.
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