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It is very sport heavy but also focuses on education and the arts. I love my experience here. I would love to see music be as involved in the school as sports is.
During my school years at Marlboro Public schools I had the best caring teachers. Teachers and faculty really care about every student. I would like to see this more engagement with students, teachers and parents. We're a family in my town. Thank you to all my educators who believed in me.
Marlborough High School gave me the opportunity I needed to grow and develop as a student, however this was without help from teachers of administration. Though some individuals care for the commonwealth of the students, our school lacks a sense of community. Rough around the edges. With a little polish, I think Marlborough High can really shine, given that all the issues are dealt with in consistency.
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During my time at Highs school I've went through a lot of changes especially while growing up and trying to find myself while also trying to balance everything else going on. The administration at this school was rather confusing they would do very little in putting the effort to actually understand a student or care about their frustrations. School work varied depending on a class and it was often easy work given as long as you had good time management skills. 5/10 would experience going to this school again.
It was good up until junior year, they did up the work load and offered support only once a schedule rotation. That was another issue too, the periods were constantly rotating because of the “improved” bell schedule
I would like to see better administration and better resources at Marlborough High School to achieve college readiness. There were many academic opportunities, but of course this could also be expanded in the future.
I feel the school district is always prepared for challenges they have been faced with. Through the years, Marlborough had lost its accreditation and has worked very diligent to get its certification again. I feel the teaching these days are are towards the state mandate requirements (MCAS). Some life lessons should be taught (like balance a checkbook). Thank you for reading!
The teachers are 50/50. Some are passionate about their subject but others make you wonder why they even teach since they hate kids. The budget is never used for actually useful things and very little money is given to the arts.
The schools are situated on of the best places a school could be in and the teachers are well known for being friendly
This school discriminated against your learning difference by separating the student from the 'norm' to not teach. I never was taught how to read, write, and communicate. I was also bullied due to my disability and gender differences throughout early and late middle school
I think the buildings need to improve. Also, some teachers care and some teachers do not. The schedule in the high school needs to change. Students should be able to take more classes so they do not have the same classes everyday and they have more options for extra AP classes. Students need to fill their schedules in order to impress colleges as it is getting harder to get in to college each year.
I like the classroom teaching style. I really enjoy the classes they offer. I enjoy having fun and creative teachers that make learning enjoyable.
My experience in Marlborough schools have been great. I received all the help I needed in order to keep going and persuing my dreams. What I liked best about Marlborough schools is they are understandable and always there when you need help. The one thing I would change about the schools is perhaps the amount of classes we are allowed to take. I would like to have had the opportunity to try out more subjects and have them fit in my schedule.
They allow the student to grow in many ways, while also having great patience to deal with students many unruly behaviors. They have great academic opportunities.
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