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Marlboro County School District has always been concerned about every child's education by providing the very best teachers and academic studies to ensure each child may pursue his/her desired field of learning. New schools have been constructed and a magnate school for gifted/talented students is always available. Each student is treated as an individual and given every opportunity to express his/her abilities. I was able to take prerequisite class in the medical field as I desire to be a pediatric physician one day. Having graduated as an honor student, I could not have attained this level without the dedication of my teachers and a feeling of self-worth as I graduated from the Marlboro County School District.
I would like to see more parent-to teacher involvement. This could cause the academics to rise at Marlboro County .
Marlboro County is a great school district for students to become college ready. The atmosphere of the campus is very friendly. The teachers here are very helpful. Even though most people say that this school isn't very nice, it really is. All of my years attending here helped me to become a better person and a better leader. Another thing that I love about this school is its cultural diversity. It's mixed race here and honestly it makes me feel better as a student. Everyone here is treated fair and everyone gets the same opportunities. The clubs and activities here are endless, there are different things that fits each and every student opinions and interest. Honestly as a student, I couldn't have asked for a better high school to attend than the one that I am enrolled in now.
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I love how everyone comes together in times of need and comfort in this school district. But I dislike the negativity and narrow-mindedness of some administrators and staff
The school district definitely needs help. We're running low on teachers and the facilities are very old. Like my school. Marlboro County High School.
I am a senior at Marlboro County High a school and overall I have had an excellent experienced and learned a lot. However, I feel the guidance counselor should be more prepared to assist the students of Marlboro County High School. I have had many problems with scheduling and also I have known a few people who were not accepted to their choice of college because their transcripts were not sent off so I believe they should have more people working or be more on top of things.
It is tough because we have very few good teachers and up to date programs. Students taking geometry for the first time have to teach themselves everything because the school can't afford a teacher. They do the work online in virtual school, but the computers and software are so out of date that certain tools to help the students can't be accessed.
This school is good. They try their best to help everyone to get their education and to be successful.
There was a persistent feeling of disorganization. There always seemed to be a lack of qualified teachers and resources.
There are many great things about Marlboro County School District, I haven't found to many problems happening with me as a student, although there are multiple changes that could be made to schools in Marlboro County . I wish the schools could be a little " touched up " . There are cracks in the ceiling , splits in the wall , broke toilets , and some schools even are infested with multiple bugs and mouses . But other than little small changes like that , Marlboro County has a great district.
Throughout my years at Marlboro County High School I have seen a lot of dysfunction traditions, and sadly not much has changed. That doesn't necessarily mean that its all has been bad but so much more can be done. The part that makes me unsatisfied about our school district is that money and resources are not allocated efficiently or to good reliable programs in the school and if they were I think it would be much better for everyone and give our school district a chance to display smarts and creativity over athleticism.
My experience at Marlboro County High School is quite tolerable. Its not a bad school, but it needs some major improvements. One of my favorite things about Marlboro County High School is the Diversity of races and cultures. Instead of one being dominant over the other, we all still treat each other equal. But the downside of Marlboro County is the lack of support when it comes to the education. While other schools have nice new technology, we still have old torn up books and computers that shut down every few minutes. Marlboro is also looked at as a dirty environment. People don't take pride in the school. Even some of the teachers have no respect for the school. Some of the teachers are there for one job and one job only, and that is to babysit. while other teachers are actually doing everything they can to help us succeed.
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