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Marlboro Central School District Reviews

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I have spent all 4 of my highschool years at Marlboro, a very small happy community always willing to help others.
Some of the administration is not good. The sports teams did very well. My best experiences were with sports at this school. There are some tenured teachers that need to go because they can't teach and have become extremely lazy.
At Marlboro, it doesn't mater what you know, it matters who you know. They have a great English department and the quality of most of the other classes depends on which teacher you get. The Assistant Principal is wonderful but the Principal has no clue how to run the school.
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Great district to raise your kids in. Would be nice if it was a bit more diverse, but there are some amazing teachers who truly love their jobs and helping these children grow.
Marlboro is a nice clean school. Athletics are great. Fantastic football team. As far as academics go, they could use more AP and college courses to select from. Administrators are attentive and try to help you.Drama club is good. As far as teachers go, you have some that have been there too long and others that are great. Since it is a small school you don't usually have more than one teacher teaching particular subjects which can be bad depending on the teacher..
Marlboro high school is great for the students and families born and raised there with Italian last names. There is little to no diversity and bullying is a huge problem. The academics are good, some teachers are better than others and some teachers are not good at all. Many of the teachers were born and raised in Marlboro as well. Sports is the main focus in Marlboro, they spend all of their tax money on the football field and anything football related. It is a safe and beautiful place to live but if you aren't a rich, italian, and athletic person you may feel like an outcast at this school and town. Extremely "clicky" and small.
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