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Markesan School District Reviews

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Markesan School District is rated in the top four percent in the state. Both athletically and academically, Markesan surpasses all surrounding school districts. Teachers truly care about their students and provide them with resources to achieve success. Class sizes are small, so students and faculty are able to maintain a close relationship. This school district does not have an immense amount of diversity; this does not affect how students are able to learn or intereact with each other.
Excellent teachers, put in so many extra hours volunteering when needed. Safe environment, friendly staff!
The academics are wonderful, and if you are looking for teachers who genuinely care about the kids they teach look no further. The athletics are very fun and if you need something to do they are great experiences.
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Overall, my experience with Markesan School District has been mediocre. I came here in third grade and since day one I have not been accepted. Markesan has these close knit groups; if you are not in that close knit group, you will never feel accepted here. The staff are overall very beneficial. We have gotten a lot of new teachers in the past couple years, who contribute to the academic construction. The academics in the school are held to a high standard. I do feel like we should be pushed harder within making our schedules; people will not take difficult classes their senior year then go to college unprepared. Another area that I feel I need to address is the fact that sports are put above all other clubs and extracurricular activities. One main issue is with able to practice on the stage, because it is in the gym. Therefore we have to practice inside of the choir room which does not prepare us. I feel the school district could definitely improve on a few specific areas.
Overall the school is great, a little clicky. Very sport focused for both boys and girls. Has a great band program.
It is a very small town, but over all the education system is fairly good. We have teachers that care greatly about their students. Markesan is a great small town with an overall good education system.
I like being in a smaller town, because touch get more one on one. However, I wish our school offered more classes, especially spanish 4.
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