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Mariposa County Unified School District Reviews

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As a parent, having to deal with the district can be stressful. I have felt lied to, blown off, and given the run around. Trying to request anything from the district is like pulling teeth. And don't go in there with a complaint, because you will be treated like a liar. They will protect the bad teachers and staff, while running the good ones out. Also bullying is a major problem at some of these schools, and they haven't done anything about it.
The academics were decent but I feel I didn't learn as much as I could have and when it came time to get ready for college they offered little to no college ready courses. The sports are not the greatest, granted its a D6 School, but the facility's for practice and games were absolute trash we barely had a weight room and our football field had holes in it. as far as diversity goes there wasn't really much a difference between people there. Their rotc courses were pretty cool options but they had a really hard time finding someone to teach the courses which made us miss out on a lot. By your senior year they pretty much just pass you on
I have been in the school district through my whole entire educational experience. I absolutely love growing up in Mariposa, but I am not a huge fan of the schooling that I was given to this point. Elementary School was very good, but now that I have been in high school for three years, I am starting to see major flaws in our school.
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I attended Mariposa County High School and graduated in 2015. Although I now attend a great university, my experience in high school did not help me. Majority of the students I graduated with did not even attend college. The very small percentage that did had to go above and beyond to attend good colleges. There were over 90 percent white students at the school, leaving minorities to feel left out. Some of the teachers are great, but most are average. The school offered few AP classes and little resources for students who wanted to excel academically.
I really enjoy school here in mariposa. It's off campus lunch a lot of activities. Sports, ffa, drama, art, photography and more. The staff and students are friendly and helpful
It's not the most welcoming of places. As with most high schools, there are cliques and exclusion and even bullying that is a problem. Overall though, it's a good school.
Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at MCHS, however, it lacks in diversity, and because of its rural location not as many opportunities are available as some bigger, more urban schools.
Small school in a small community. The resources are limited for extra circular activities, electives and sports due to the small school size. Multiple attempts have been made to raise funds to improve and expand the current campus and have all failed at the ballot box
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