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I think that some of the teachers really care about there students while other teachers don’t really care if a student fails or passes.
Teachers are phenomenal! Very caring staff that makes getting prepared for the next adventure not as nerve wracking.
This school district is great. Minus teaching yourself math and if your ok with bullying being encouraged.
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My experience throughout my years of being at Marion High School, I have learned that there are people who will stick up for you in hard times and will help you out. I also know that our classes are just becoming helpful and educational to us students. Our Music department is actually a very strong aspect in our school, but the English needs the most help. As a senior of the Marion High School, I have never had the same English teacher throughout my whole high school career. Every year, there is a new teacher. They have to start from scratch because they do not know our strengths and weaknesses. Just this year, we started working on college type essays. It is a huge struggle because we were never taught what to look for in writing any type of essay. So, to sum up everything, my small town school is a great school and I have witnessed the growing of education along with us seniors.
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