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The teachers and principal are very involved with the students. It's a safe and comfortable environment to learn. They focus a little to much on male athletics but they give enough attention to other sports. The school's staff is superbly accommodating and welcoming and there is no bullying
It is a wonderful school academically, but some things can stand a change. But they are doing changes which seem to be improving the student's education.
Teachers care about students. Marion School District has a diverse student body and teachers. Sport activities are encouraged as well.
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Since I graduated last year, a lot has changed. I believe the quality of teachers has decreased, but the food and facilities have both improved significantly. The administration is also so wonderful, and I miss them!
Had a great educational experience here. As for hopeful changes, I more or less think the direction they are taking the district in is okay.
My experience has been wonderful. My teachers are always caring and helpful to go above and beyound for their students.
I love Marion School district, we are doing a change to magnet schools this upcoming year! This is a huge change but I am excited for all the opportunities it will open up for the children!
I love my school. We are such a close family, and it’s easy for anyone to be involved. There is a place for everyone to fit in. I have yet to see another school with as much spirit. One patriot, one community!
The teachers at Marion High School are very interactive with their students and tend to care a lot for each one. what i would like to see change is being more strict, academic wise.
I liked how diverse the school is and how they do there best to help all children met their goal whether its graduating or just passing.
I feel like we have plenty of extra activities to do, but there are a lot of house cleaning they need to do in the school board and some of their policies.
Its a very well rounded school district. Even though these are public schools, they hold their kids to certain standards and want to see them succeed. They are strict on rules and regulations but there are certain privileges you obtain as you enter your senior year such as leaving campus or lunch.
There are some people who talk negatively about the Marion School District, but most of the time, your school experience is what you put into it. You know...some people see the glass as half full and others see it as half empty. I think I received a great education at Marion. My teachers seemed to love me and wanted to help me when I was struggling. I'm doing pretty well academically and socially in college, so they must have done something right. Were they perfect, absolutely not, but who is?
In addition to academics, I was able to join the golf team at Marion. We even won the state championship in 2014! I would have never been able to have that experience if it were not for my school.
Marion School District is an amazing learning environment with fantastic students and teachers! Every single day that I walk the halls, I am greeted with the warmest of smiles from our teachers at Marion High School. I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to spend my last fews years here because it is really an amazing environment. The part that I love the most is the friendly working environment and our courtyard in the middle of campus. The only thing that I would like to see change is the amount of time given between classes. It is sometimes difficult to run to class in such short amount of time. Other than that, I adore my school district and school!
Teachers are great and the school provides a good opportunity to learn. Our school needs to come together to grow support for our school system and sports program. The supports only comes when something exciting is going on or when one of the sports teams are winning. Winning is created by people coming together to achieve a common goal and not just when they feel like it. I wish the people in the environment would do a better job of supporting the schools and the teachers which would create a better overall experience for everyone. This would create a better school district and more people would feel apart of something bigger and bette me than their self.
Naturally, I thought myself to be stuck in the middle of nowhere for three years of my life; however, it turned out better than I expected. The school district was pretty much the same as my old schools. Seniors can leave for lunch and have the opportunity to take only the classes they need in order to come to school part of the time. The sole problem I had with the school was the lack of communication between the students and opportunities and parent involvement in the school.
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